Ideas to Challenge Myself For a New Top Play?

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(go to the paragraph after the line to skip the yapping sesh and into what im asking, honestly just felt like getting that off my mind)

So I've been hardstuck around 15k since 2022. I hit my peak performance in this game in February 2023 when I set monstrous unreplicable scores with HR, NM, and DT. I have nearly 20 top 100 scores from that month alone. I set my two highest pp scores that month and haven't been able to beat them since, even though I've been grinding the game harder than I did back then.

I've only had 2 true pop off sessions since then, and even with those insane sessions, I couldn't get the top play on those days. Its not normal for a player to be physically unable to set scores, and now more than ever I feel like I have the skill to finally dethrone Daidai Genome as my top play. I just need something to keep my mental strong as I play 3+ hour long sessions of getting 0 scores, 0 pp and watching my rank dwindle into the depths.

Thanks to the bonus pp rework which made me lose 900 ranks as a 13.8k, I've been more demotivated than ever to keep on this seemingly pointless grind. However, I am confident in my skill and I think if I can regain my motivation from my early days of this game I could finally push through this wall I've been staring up at for years.

Thats why I am asking exactly what the title says. I was wondering if I could get help coming up with challenges for myself to possibly get my motivation back and push through the mental barrier for a new top play. Advice and personal stories of others struggling through similar things are very welcome as well. At this point im so in the depths im willing to try ANYTHING.

(man I coulda just left this post as a title)
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