My hand refusing to hit bursts

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Everytime a burst comes that's quickly followed by a slider/note, my hand gets confused on which key to press. it's a problem that I have for a hot while now and it really messes my consistency up. does anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of this bad habit?

example map (inside difficulty) beatmapsets/1610204#osu/3287714
Try playing low bpm map/ low star map to get your finger hit burst comfortably. You can also try experimenting different tapping style like full alt
You want to focus on reading ahead. Your brain is focusing on hitting the burst, but you tunnel vision on it. Once you know how many notes are in a burst, practice your confidence in moving forward with your reading. It really translates to play more bursts to gain the confidence and you’ll gradually stop read locking.

Best of luck!
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