I cant get my Cursor to the Corner of my screen with my wacom tablet in osu!

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Problem details: so i was just playing casually osu! with my wacom tablet. I felt like i was just not getting the circles at the right time, so i went to the offset wizard. i ended up not changing the offset, but when i try to move my cursour with my tablet now, i cant get it to the corner of my screen. it usually worked, so maybe i got a setting wrong or something changed. when i switch back to my mouse, i can use my cursor like normally. i cant even filter songs, using my tablet, because my cursor stops in front of the buttons. its like hitting an invisible wall all around my screen. ive now been playing for some months and never have had that problem before. I already tried to unplug and plug my tablet back in and i restarted my pc once, but it didnt work. btw, when i was in the setting i turned the Os tablet pc support on and off. i dont think thats the propblem here, but i thought i could mention it.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: Stable 20240411.1 (latest)
you probably turned on raw input on accident. try turning off raw input in settings located at “Mouse”. (the game controller icon at the left)
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oh thanks. ive already looked at that setting but i thought i had it on before. Thanks for your time mate. Have a nice day!
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