How to restore joy from playing osu?

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For some time, I decided to completely stop playing osu, because was not giving me any fun at all.

Basically everything what I wanted to achieve I achieved and now don't know what to do in osu, since just playing isn't giving joy anymore. Was trying to play it serious, was trying in more casual, but either way both were not giving me a kick of dopamine to continue.

Also tried to find other rhythm games that will replace for me osu, with unsuccessful results, so:

How to find again joy and overall happiness from playing osu?
You can try roaming the beatmaps for some really good songs, or play a way too high star map with NF for fun. Sometimes you just really don't get the joy anymore and go to other games of a different genre.

If you want a game related with music, I can recommend you Just Shapes & Beats, which is a not so rhythm game, but has some cool songs and is a singleplayer story game (which means you don't get to think about skill and leaderboards).
The key is to not force yourself. If you’re looking for a strategy to enjoy the game, you’re doing it wrong.

Try to find pleasure in the simple things. Enjoy the music, play in your comfort zone, or if the most satisfying thing for you is playing tough maps, start from the basics and build your way back up so you can ride that improvement high again.

If you don’t enjoy the game as is, you’re going to have to adopt a new mindset, accept your lack of enthusiasm or move on to something else.
I think it's normal to not always enjoy the game. I'd recommend you try going back to what gave you enjoyment earlier on - set new goals and work towards them. Though, it generally only gets harder to see results the more you progress, so it can be a struggle. To get past this, I tell myself that the harder the grind, the more satisfying and worthwhile it will be when I finally reach my goals.
I've been almost the same as you. I've always been bored for playing games, for a long time (not only for osu!, but almost every game i play, whether rhythm-based or not). I usually take breaks from playing any game to avoid burn out, then play it again after breaks. There were times I accidentally did this to a non-rhythm-based game (without realizing) and it does work. Upon replaying it the joy I got from a game has been restored. I'm currently taking some breaks on osu!, yet I still haven't restored much of it's joy, yet they say, "Trust the process." So I'm going to trust it anyway.
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