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I used a translator!
The problem is that I downloaded some of the maps in the library, a few minutes after the game, some fatal error came out with the rating calculation (if I'm not mistaken). I decided to restart the game, and when I launch it, I get a window with the update "osu!", after that the game logo starts, and immediately crashes. I searched the Internet, found nothing to solve the problem, "repair osu!" I also started it, the same error. Reinstalled Windows, it didn't help either.
Folder Logs:

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: Stable 20240411.1 (latest)
try to reinstall osu
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yujue0155 wrote:

try to reinstall osu
I've already tried this
Logs are in a trash bin and cannot be accessed :)
try updating your .net framework to 4.7/8, see if that helps.

otherwise post the contents of your update.log.
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thanks for the answers, the developers have already helped me and released a patch!
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