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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, 11 May, 2024 at 6:15:43 AM

Artist: Amuro vs. Killer
Title: Mei (Camellia's "Yomigae" Remix)
Source: beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY
Tags: dj TAKA Tatsh Takayuki Ishikawa 石川貴之 Tatsuya Shimizu 清水達也 cametek beatmania IIDX 20th Anniversary Tribute BEST Electronic Instrumental Video Game HUMAN SEQUENCER 大箭 将也 ulqui ulko hirok
BPM: 210
Filesize: 7797kb
Play Time: 04:49
Difficulties Available:
  1. HiroK's Oni (5.08 stars, 1648 notes)
  2. Jimetsu (7.74 stars, 2559 notes)
  3. ulko's Inner Oni (6.17 stars, 2187 notes)
Download: Amuro vs. Killer - Mei (Camellia's "Yomigae" Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
sicut tineae a lumine attracti et repelluntur;
ssepe ad novam claramque exitium veni.

auto-exitium 自灭 ⇌              - ཐིཋྀ -               ⇌ 更生 resuscitātus

my magnum opus.
oni by HiroK    ⁛   inner oni by Ulqui
background by 穴子

- - ┈┈∘┈˃̶༒˂̶┈∘┈┈ - -

i made this map during feb 2023, during a period when i wasnt expending most of my creative energy into doing design works, and still have a massive interest in mapping. this was a map that was a meld between pure intuition and pure intention, where i mapped the entire thing without much second thought behind it, but everything was done with a clear reasoning - whether it is the abekobe 1/6 improvs, the huge amount of sv work, and all the tiny little choices in mapping that added up to make this map what it is

near the end of 2023 i was growing a massive distaste towards the mapping community at large, and out of a (at the time, extremely impulsive) grudge, i have deleted every single map that i've ever made since 2017 off of this site, and from moving onto a new pc in 2024, i have effectively lost all maps i've ever made before 2024, aside from copies that resides in some archives and other people's computer

in april 2024, during some random discussion in a private discord server, people brought up to me that they liked this map a lot, and me being increasingly fed up towards the mapping community and how little they seem to care about making maps other than mere metrics (playcount, pp, star rating, whatever metrics that can be objectively quantified) or to impress people with flashy maps that have 0 playability in mind, i decided to ask them for a copy back, and rank this as a kind of testament. a testament that despite mapping for nearly 7 years, my goal is (and still is) to make a map that *i enjoyed playing, and (hopefully) other people do too, with no incentive other than "i play this over and over again because it's fun"

despite me saying for like a billionth time that i wanted to leave this game/the community, i cant do it. when you have invested literal thousands of hours into a game that you love so much in the past (and in some ways. still do now), it's only normal to be so attached to it. i still love making maps for this mode with the songs i like (even if i do it way less often now than i do maybe 2/3 years ago) just because i love to do it. if only the world is as simple as "doing things you love just because", this community would be in a better place than it is right now

i'm not wishing for much, but i hope that this addendum is something that you find interesting reading. and if you're someone with more power/outreach than i do, i hope that you can get something out of this. just know that there are still people enjoy making things and playing this game because they just do, and maybe a little bit of that can go back into how things are being handled in the community right now

"be the change you want to see"

- zeth
written on 16/5/2024
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