Why don't HR, HD, FI and FL mods affect pp?

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EZ, DT/NC, and HT are the only mods that affect pp gain, but wouldn't it make sense that HR or HD/FI would have buffed pp too? Higher OD should make it harder to SS in a way. HD and FI make it more difficult to time when to tap. FL is just FL, making it extremely difficult to see objects.

I also understand this was a question in the pinned Q&A but apparently Evening doesn't know
some players opt to use HD, FI, and FL rather than no mod beacuse it makes them read better especially when there are less notes on the screen so it isnt exactly difficulty increasing as the mod page says. If it affected pp then it would give HF, FI, and FI an advantage. With the HR mod, I believe the develop making the HR left it unfinished thus no pp
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In standard some people like to play with HD because that makes them read better too, and it also buffs pp, so just a little confusing there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
these are more like different options for reading than "buffing" when it comes to mania.
exploitable and stuff ig some other things used to buff but for some reason I forget they removed it
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