Beatmap é mais pequeno que 45 segundos sendo que meu beatmap tem mais de 45 segundos

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Quando eu estou criando um beatmap e vou testá-lo no AiMod, fala que o beatmap é pequeno e menor que 45 segundos, mas a música + composição dão mais de 1 minuto.
Jason X
AiMod takes into account the maps draintime, not the lenght of the song itself.
Your song is a minute long, yes, but the draintime is only 43 seconds:

You can safely ignore AiMod on this though, as it adheres to the old ranking criteria (AiMod wasn't updated in a long time).
The current ranking criteria requires only 30 seconds of drain time for each difficulty: wiki/en/Ranking_criteria#beatmap

Ranking Criteria wrote:

  1. Every difficulty of a beatmap must have a minimum drain time of 30 seconds.
(Beatmap > Rules > Rule 3)
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