UK osu!standard 2 [Concluded - Mudkipz wins!]

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Welcome to the 2nd UK national osu!standard tournament, hosted by PortalLife.

STATUS: Top 3:
1st: iLikeMudkipz
2nd: Doomsday
3rd: SoraRoxas


    Big list
    1 - Doomsday
    2 - iLikeMudkipz
    3 - R a h a r u
    4 - jesus1412
    5 - Raiku
    6 - Could This Be
    7 - Navi
    8 - Charleyzard
    9 - PortalLife
    10 - vidya
    11 - Kardet
    12 - SoraRoxas01
    13 - bahamete
    14 - kozuka
    15 - Viremon
    16 - Crai
    17 - spaminabox
    18 - sullyjhf
    19 - SamC
    20 - Cozzzy
    21 - K E I
    22 - Tsuneko-chan
    23 - the holy beans
    24 - Neroh
    25 - YunoWhoItIs
    26 - gadrin
    27 - Snookie
    28 - AshleyCarnine
    29 - -MoeYandere-
    30 - Jameslike
    31 - Uphox
    32 - Syrus
    33 - Fluttershy03
    34 - Blaziken
    35 - Behaviour
    36 - Ommetaphobia
    37 - Udon
    38 - litejason
    39 - Jeromelol
    40 - Kry
    41 - EzLyn
    42 - EatYourMattress
    43 - Albert Donger
    44 - Destructor966
    45 - -Kyou-
    46 - [ Thanatos ]
    47 - ibecolours
    48 - Swaayy
    49 - Just Miku
    50 - casmith789
    51 - Grimdeath
    52 - Yoishi
    53 - ChicagoTed7172
    54 - Juiceb0x
    55 - Kakiage
    56 - SirCadams
    57 - dreeeaam
    58 - Riari
    59 - Garchojoker
    60 - OmegaSin
    61 - KyleDinny
    62 - C3Swamp
    63 - Regafu
    64 - Chunelle
    Staff Team

    Host: PortalLife
    Map Selectors: PortalLife, Andrea, AmaiHachimitsu
    Referees: PortalLife, Jeromelol
    Streamer: Deathosaurus

3rd place match: SoraRoxas vs jesus1412
4PM Saturday

Doomsday vs iLikeMudkipz
Pregame commences at 4:45PM, Match at 5PM


  • Tournament Rules
  1. UK staff are allowed to play.
  2. This tournament is a single elimination 1v1 tournament. Lose once, you are out. Brackets have been determined through RNG (basically randomization)
  3. The tournaments shall have a map pool for each phase of the tournament. The next map pool in the tournament shall be announced following the end of the preceding round.
  4. Each map pool will have 5-8 no mod picks, 2 mod picks, a freemod bracket and 1 tiebreaker The mod brackets shall be Hidden/Double Time/Hard Rock/Freemod. Two maps for each.
  5. Each player may only pick 1 map from each mod pool to try and encourage variety in the match. For example: P1 picks a HD map, he cant pick from the HD pool again. P2 may however pick a HD map.
  6. Before the official start of the match using the map pools, each player may pick 1 warm up map of their choice - This can be any submitted map, as long as its playable (no trapce) this does not count towards match score.
  7. If one of the players fails to show, they get a additional 20 minutes or otherwise forfeit. If neither show, the match shall be re-arranged.
  8. If a player disconnects from the game, a regame will be offered. Ragequitters/quits will forfeit that map. This is relating to genuine internet disconnects/cuts/failures.
  9. RO64/RO32 will be best of 5. RO16 will be best of 7. Quarterfinals/Semifinals will be best of 9. Finals will be best of 11.
  10. Any unexpected happenings or events not covered by the rules shall be handled by the organizer at their discretion.

    Match Rules
  11. The referee shall make the game and give it a appropriate title. First pick shall be decided by !roll, highest roll wins. The pick order then will alternate back and forth between both players until one player wins.
  12. The game mode will be set to Team Vs.
  13. The referee is not to participate in the actual playing of the beatmaps.
  14. Players PM the referee with the beatmap they are picking from the map pool.
  15. After the end of the match, the referee will post the title of the match and a link to the MP history of that lobby and the final match score.
  16. Matches will be locked and invite only.
  17. If you fail, you lose that map.

    Scheduling Rules/Info
  18. Matches will be played on the weekend.
  19. If you cannot play at the time posted for you, contact the organizer for a re arrangement.
  20. Not showing to the match is subject to the rules outlined in Tournament Rules.
  21. Each round schedule shall be released a week before the actual matches take place.
  22. We are looking to complete each round on the weekends.
  23. In special cases, with the agreement of both players; matches can also be played before this during the week. This is only if advance notice is given.
Suggestions are welcome. GL HF guys! - PortalLife
I win lesgo.
I am back, this time, to reclaim my pride over jesus1412.
for brittania
im in
sign me up :)
Get hyped, can't lose to EA again.
put me in ur post so i can participate
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By the way, I'm doing signups via a google docs form which ill post next week or so.
Count me In~ :3
I think I might have to sign up.
im in
Count me In!
Count me in.
I would like to participate too
hype train-a-rollin'

I'm in
I'm secretly from the UK, let me in.
I would like to say I'm in if I was actually online at daytime
Albert Donger
this is some next level edge
oh boy, sign me up
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