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Hello fellow forum members!
I would like to show an application that I started developing recently!
My main focus was an easier map sharing alternative than just zipping your songs folder and uploading to somewhere.

Step-by-step tutorial for the app usage
  1. Select your osu songs folder by pressing "Select songs folder"
  2. Choose to generate either a powershell script or a packager script
  3. Send the generated script to your friend
Informations about the app
  1. Powershell script: Creates a powershell script that will download each map by their ID from
  2. Packager script: Creates a single .pack file that contains all the beatmap information inside this can be imported in the app and then it will download each map (faster than the powershell script)
  3. Currently maps with [NO VIDEO] can not be packed nor downloaded through this application
Link to the repo:

I hope that this app will help someone in the future to share beatmaps faster and easier :)
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