how do i get API key for private app

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I'm thinking of making a discord bot or even just a python script just for me, it will be totally private, it wont have a name or a link, so what should i put in the "app name" and "app link" field when creating an api key

by the way i couldn't find any forum posts or anything in the terms of use before posting this
- Marco -
If you're talking about APIv1/"API Legacy" you can put whatever you want there and it's fine
As Marco already said you can use the legacy v1 api and its endpoints.

It’s not the greatest but a good starting point and the easiest to start with. You can find your token down in the settings page.

You can lookup all the available information here:

If you have to or want to use the v2 api then you can just enter some random name (like „My cute little test bot“) as the application name and „http://localhost:8080/redirect“ as the redirect url. You will need to set up the url if you wanna use the client credential flow.

Information about it here:


You should look up oauth flows since they are a little bit more complicated and confusing if you are just starting out.

A good resource is the oauth site:
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