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Some beatmaps in beatmap packs are corrupted:

Charts > Monthly Ranking Chart, April 2011
Beatmap: 25337 Italobrothers - Radio Hardcore.osz

Theme pack > Best of m980
Beatmap: 4573 Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne - Let It Rock.osz

Charts > Montly ranking (osu!) August 2012
wrong download link (April but not August)
it seems for the first two that they dont contain the .osu file within their folders, causing it to fail on import.

ive asked in the osu-web channel on the development server on whether they can fix it or if it will take other people to fix it
will check 1 and 2
but no idea of 3


edit) ok 1, 2, and 3 is done
thanks for the report

if you have problems like this, let me know
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