Community Mentorship Program Spring 2024 - All Gamemodes, Storyboarding, Mapping & Modding

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Community Mentorship Program

2024 Spring Cycle

- All Gamemodes (Mapping & Modding) / Storyboarding -

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Current Status: Cycle start

Welcome to the 26th iteration of the Community Mentorship Program! As the Organizers we're looking forward to all the prospective mentors and new mappers signing up with us this time!

If you're looking for the history of this program, follow through the previous cycle announcements to get to our origins!

Date format: yyyy-mm-dd
  1. Mentor Signups -> 2024-03-05 - 2024-03-12
  2. Mentee Signups -> 2024-03-19 - 2024-03-26
  3. Cycle -> 2024-03-26 - 2024-06-25

How does this work?
If your goal is getting better at mapping, modding or storyboarding you're in the right place!
If you're new to the mapping community, engaging with the Ranking Criteria and getting someone to give you feedback can be overwhelming. This program tries to change that!

Originally started in 2016, our goal has been to give new mappers, modders and storyboarders access to experienced community members. It's a simplified classroom setting where the mentor / teacher gives feedback and exposes the student / mentee to new concepts, beatmaps or visuals depending on the area you're interested in.

None of this stops you from just reaching out to someone for feedback outside of this program. This community exists as a platform to give the process some structure and as a platform to make connections!

A cycle in the context of the mentorship program is just 13 weeks during which the mentor and mentee are assigned to work with one another towards whichever goals the student may have. Goals in this context can be anything from making rankable maps, getting better at modding or learning the fundamentals of storyboarding

What form this interaction takes is highly dependent on the teacher and typically everyone has their own approaches towards the topic.

A cycle consists of the three major phases "Mentor Signups", "Mentee Signups" and the cycle itself. The 13 week cycle is also sub-divided into phases which last 4 weeks which is relevant for the rules regarding mentor and mentee pairings.

The teacher in the student/teacher dynamic. We will host Mentor Signups in order to vet interested community members based on our own criteria to ensure a baseline standard within the program.
If you think you have what it takes and want to pass on some of your knowledge to someone else, feel free to apply below!

The student in the teacher / student relationship. We host Mentee Signups after figuring out our current cast of mentors for the cycle. More on this in its dedicated section.

General Conduct
  1. You must not be restricted. If you get restricted during your tenure, you will be removed. Feel free to come back when you get unrestricted!
  2. Follow the rules of the discord server.
  3. Additoinally, osu!'s rules as well as the code of conduct for mapping and modding apply to our program.

Mentor / Mentee pairs
  1. If you're accepted into the program, you're free to reject our invitation. In fact we'd prefer if you do that if you don't have the time or other circumstances over dropping out halfway throughout a cycle.
  2. A pairing in the program is expected to last at least 8 weeks.
  3. During the first 2 weeks of the cycle both mentor and mentee can agree to dissolve the pairing. If you notice it doesn't work out there's no reason to keep you bound!
  4. You can also part ways every 4 weeks of the cycle if your pairing is already older than 8 weeks.

Being and becoming a mentor
  1. You can sign up once per cycle and apply to be a mentor for any gamemode.
  2. If you need to leave the program we will do our best to find a replacement mentor to take on your existing mentees. This is usually not the best for all parties involved so please be mindful of your availability for the next 3 months when you originally apply.
  3. You can choose any applicant from your area of expertise. To make sure you're not running out of material over the 3 months, please choose applicants who are mediocre. If you want to share knowledge with someone who's already experienced we will ask you to provide a lesson plan for the topics you want to cover over the cycle to make sure you don't run out of material.
  4. Your mentee picks will be evaluated and can be vetoed by the organization team. This step makes sure that the program remains a place for new and aspiring mappers. If you disagree with the verdict you can always elaborate with more information to sway the decision.
Mentor commitments
Please consider these when applying:
  1. Make sure you have enough time to talk to your mentees. Depending on how many people you mentor, we recommend planning with a commitment of at least 2 hours per week.
  2. You should have experience with the ranking process. For many aspiring new mappers, ranking a beatmap is a major goal so relevant experience in this area would be good.
  3. Knowing your schedule is a major benefit. This doesn't just avoid that you need to unexpectedly drop out of the commitment, but also helps prospective mentees plan around you.
  4. Have a presence in the current modding ecosystem. This doesn't just demonstrate that you can give feedback properly, but also that you're up-to-date with the current systems and their pitfalls.
  5. Please include relevant teaching experience if you have it. Whether you're in this area in real life or have mentored people in the past, mention these instances when applying so people get a better idea of what to expect from you. Alternatively, include mods that demonstrate your abilities in communicating abstract mapping concepts to new mappers.
Mentee limits for new and returning mentors
We distinguish between mentors who newly join the program and mentors who have been mentoring for a while.
For new mentors:
  1. When initially joining you can choose one mentee in total.
  2. You can add one additional mentee every 8 weeks. So, after 8 months you'll be able to take on 5 mentees.
  3. You can't choose mentees with a timezone difference of more than 6 hours. If you've been a mentor for more than 8 weeks this is not required anymore. We may ask you for lesson plans in that case, though.
In general:
  1. You can have up to 5 mentees in total across all sub-programs you're involved in. Having one-on-one sessions and exchange is time-consuming for both parties. This limit is in place to make sure no one bites off more than they can chew.
  2. Per phase and application cycle, you can choose up to 5 new mentees and drop up to 5 existing mentees.

Being and becoming a mentee
  1. You can only be a mentee for a year per mode. This is a running counter: mapping, modding and storyboarding all count separately. This should ensure that as many people as possible get a shot at being a mentee.
  2. Your application remains valid for 8 weeks. If you're still interested, feel free to re-apply.
  3. You can apply multiple times in a sign-up cycle. Just beware that any mentor can see that you keep changing your mind over and over. We also discard duplicate applications periodically and only your latest application counts.
  4. If you apply, you can choose preferences.
    1. You are strongly encouraged to do this!
    2. Mentors can pick any application in their mode at their own discretion which means most mentors will look at their specific applicants first before they consider applicants who are fine with anyone!
  5. Make sure your timezone and availabilities match up with your mentor choice. Especially if you apply to a new mentor there's a limit of 6 hours of timezone differential.
  6. If someone chooses your application, they're likely to reach out to you. In any case, when finalizing each mentor's choices we will reach out to anyone chosen in order to formally invite them into the program.
    In short: If you get chosen you will usually know.
  7. Your own goals and progress largely depend on how much time you invest. Having a mentor to bounce ideas and feedback off of is more helpful if you have topics to talk over; be it maps, mods or storyboards.

Mentor Overviews

osu! Mentors | osu!mania Mentors | osu!taiko Mentors | osu!catch Mentors | Storyboard Mentors

Modding Mentor Overviews

osu! Modding Mentors | osu!mania Modding Mentors
osu!taiko Modding Mentors | osu!catch Modding Mentors

The above will be filled as we accept people into the program.

Grayed out mentors are not eligible this cycle - they either already finalised their choice or are staying with their mentees from the last cycle.
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I think you might of made a typo here

Edit: fixed!
hi burger
Within temptation 🥰
Is it required to use the stable client for mapping?
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SoLowHigh wrote:

Within temptation 🥰

Pachiru wrote:

That is certainly one of the comments of all time

-Enigma- wrote:

Is it required to use the stable client for mapping?
not really; but lazer has no BSS so you'd need to export / import maps from lazer to stable to upload them which makes me not want to bother for now
that and i cant get past some of the quirks of the editor in lazer (like the playfield being smaller than it would be ingame)
Discord invite is expired, oko. do you think i can apply as a modding mentor or nah? be honest as always, you can tell me on Discord as well ily
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ah... i deleted the 2017 "verify-vic-old" channel yesterday...
every passing day we stray further from Elise
It seems to me that it was worth clarifying the time zone for opening the form) For me, it’s already approaching noon on the 19th, but the form is still closed
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SoLowHigh wrote:

It seems to me that it was worth clarifying the time zone for opening the form) For me, it’s already approaching noon on the 19th, but the form is still closed
Yoisaki Kanade

SoLowHigh wrote:

It seems to me that it was worth clarifying the time zone for opening the form) For me, it’s already approaching noon on the 19th, but the form is still closed
Saw in discord that it opens 'in 2 hours ideally'
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Mentee signups should now be open (sorry we had to sort out some stuff and decided to delay until the middle of the day)
[ Sebastian ]
Third time's the charm...
adsklfjas i almost forgot about this forum. hope everyone here gets a good mentee/mentor :)
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