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Problem Details:

The storyboard doesn't display elements at the beginning of the map in play mode, while it works correctly in test / editor.

Map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/143281

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

Here's how the storyboard is supposed to look like:
Notice the flash on the first loud sound in the song.

Here's the storyboard in play mode. That flash (and the smaller ones before) is missing because the background is not displayed.

Here's what happen when you skip the intro:
Like on previous videos, the background should be visible at the time of the spinner. Also the white particles are supposed to fade in, and here they are randomly popping in. The background randomly shows up a bit after.

osu! version: 20140219.4
can confirm, I was that element
bump :/
Fucking amazing storyboard.

I suppose we can consider this as resolved '-'
Awesome Storyboard. Thanks for that. :)
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