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Welcome to the seventeenth installment of the Australian/New Zealand osu!standard Tournament! ANZT 11 Summer is a 2v2, team size 2 tournament featuring a qualifier and a bracket stage, with an overarching gimmick with RNG elements. Any questions should be directed to one of the organisers on the ANZT Discord server.
For Teams:
Use this link here!

For Staff:
Use this link here!

  1. This is an osu!standard tourney for Australian/New Zealand players only. Participants must have an Australian or New Zealand flag on their osu profile.
  2. If the participant does not have an Australian or New Zealand flag, they must submit a ticket via the discord server to get this sorted, unless they have been PERMANENTLY whitelisted.
  3. All team members must be in the discord server whilst playing in the tournament.
  4. Matches will be 2v2 with a variety of score types.
  5. The combined rank of the two players of each team must be at least 1000 PBWS (modified version of BWS, shown below). There is a discord bot which will help with the calculations.
  6. Any harassment or abuse of a staff member or other players/spectators will result in expulsion from the tournament. And a blacklist from any future tournaments.
  7. If a problem occurs where rules are not clear questions can be directed to admins. Administration has final say regarding these situations.
  8. Teams are allowed to reschedule their matches up to 2 hours before the old OR new time (whichever comes first)
  9. Hosts/Referees/Mappool Contributors/Sheeters will not be able to participate in the tournament under any capacity
  10. All dates and times are written in AEDT (UTC+11)
Prestigious Badge Weighting System (PBWS)

  1. Only osu! standard tournament badges are counted, starting from the 1st of January, 2021.
  2. Prestigious Badge Weighted System (PBWS) is a modified version of BWS designed to add higher scaling to badges from top level tournaments.
  3. "Prestigious badges" are counted as badges that come from a tournament where the top 3 places earn badges, instead of just the the winner.
  4. For players with no prestigious badges, this formula is no different from BWS, and normal BWS values can be used.
  5. In the formula below, badges are inclusive of prestigious badges. If a player has 3 badges, and one of them is an OWC badge (prestigious), then they fill out 'badges' as 3, and 'prestigious badges' as 1.
  6. The system is designed to appropriately rank top level players with badges in the highest tier of tournaments who have little to no other badges.
  7. This system was designed specifically for ANZT and the expected playerbase, and has only been tested for them. We do not recommend the system in its current state be used elsewhere (feel free to if you deem the numbers appropriate for your tournament though).
Registrations: January 1st - Jan 21st
Qualifiers: January 27th - 28th
Round of 32: February 3rd - 4th
Round of 16: February 10th - 11th
Quarterfinals: February 17th - 18th
Semifinals: February 24th - 25th
Finals: March 3rd - 4th
Grand Finals: March 10th - 11th

  1. First Place: $100 ($50 per player) + Badges (Pending)
  2. Second Place: $60 ($30 per player)
  3. Third Place: $40 ($20 per player)
Donations are appreciated! They will go directly into the prize pool, unless you want it to go to somewhere else.

Qualifier Rules:
  1. Qualifiers will consist of 12 maps - 5x NM maps, 2x HD maps, 2x HR maps, and 3x DT maps.
  2. NF will be used on all maps
  3. Top 32 qualifying players will go into a RO32 double-elimination bracket
Other match rules:
  1. Referees will create the lobby and invite players 10 minutes before the designated match time.
  2. Teams have up to ten minutes after their designated start time to move into the lobby. If there are less than 2 players from a team in the lobby, this will result in a forfeit from that team.
  3. In the case that both teams forfeit due to not being in the lobby, the higher seeded team wins. In Grand Finals week, however, the match will be rescheduled.
  4. If any player is missing, the match may not be rescheduled.
  5. If a referee is not present, the match will be rescheduled.
  6. Unless otherwise specified, matches will be played with:
    1. 2 players from each team.
    2. NoFail on.
    3. ScoreV2.
    4. Team VS.
  7. If a player disconnects within the first 1/4 of a map, the map will be aborted and replayed. This will be allowed once per team, per match. Any further disconnects from the team will result in a forfeit of that map from the team. Any active amplifiers used on this map may not be refunded.
  8. Unless otherwise specified, the roll winner gets to choose one of: pick 1st, pick 2nd, ban 1st, ban 2nd. Roll loser chooses between the unchosen options.
  9. Each team is allowed one ban. From quarterfinals onwards, each team is allowed two bans. Teams will alternate ban picks. There are no restrictions on which maps can be banned.
  10. 90 seconds will be allowed for each ban / protect (amplifier). If a map is not banned or protected (amplifier) during this time, the ban / protect (amplifier) will be automatically skipped.
  11. 2 minutes will be allowed for each pick. If a map is not picked during this time, the pick will automatically go to the other team. During the next map, the opposing team will pick, as usual.
  12. A 90 second ready timer will be enforced. If both teams are not ready by the 90 seconds, an !mp start 30 will be used.
  13. Each team is allowed one warmup. Warmups must not be longer than 4 minutes, must not be in the current week's mappool and must be an osu! standard, submitted map.
  14. If teams tie scores on a map (using ScoreV2), neither team gets a point and the match continues as normal. Any active amplifiers used on this map may not be refunded.
  15. If both teams are 1 point away from winning the match, teams will play the tiebreaker. Each player must play with any of NoMod/HD/HR/HDHR.
The gimmick for this tournament - Amplifiers:
  1. In general, these are special, match-changing abilities that each player will have during a match
  2. Amplifiers will be separated into two categories - Active and Passive
  3. All amplifiers will be split into 3 tiers - Silver, Gold, and Prismatic.
  4. Passive amplifiers will be in a constant or immediate effect based on the amplifier.
  5. Active amplifiers may only be used during the player's pick.
  6. An active amplifier has a specified number of times it may be used, and certain requirements that must be met before it can be used.
  7. The amplifiers themselves will increase in complexity throughout the tournament.
  8. NO active OR passive amplifiers will be used or can affect the tiebreaker.
  9. From last tournament, old amplifiers will be updated and new ones will be incorporated to fit the 2v2 format.
Amplifier Selection:
  1. On the Monday night of each round, a livestream will be held to showcase the mappool.
  2. After the mappool showcase, each matchup (or block of matchups) will be rolled the tiers of amplifiers each team will receive within the matchup. From there, amplifiers from those tiers will be rolled for those teams.
  3. From these amplifiers, teams will have until Thursday 11:59pm AEDT (two days) to select amplifier(s) from the list to take into their matches for that round.
    1. If you reschedule your match to before Friday 6:00 am AEDT, your amplifiers will be released to each other AT LEAST 6 hours before the match (or immediately, if less time is given before the reschedule).
  4. The teams cannot change their amplifiers after this time window.
  5. If a team does not select their amplifier by closing time without communicating to organisers, they will be randomly assigned one of the three amplifiers available to them.
  6. All teams' selections will be publicly visible on the spreadsheet to allow for strategising. They will be released on Friday 12:00 am AEDT.
Amplifiers during knockout stage matches:
  1. At the start of the match, the referee will list the amplifier each team has so everyone in the lobby is on the same page.
  2. The ref may ask if the team's active amplifier is being used after the pick.
  3. As stated previously, passive amplifiers will be in effect immediately or constantly, depending on the amplifier.
Amplifier Examples:
The King I
  1. Tier: Silver
  2. Uses: 1
  3. Requirement: Only one player from your team enters the current map
  4. Ability: Your score is multiplied by 1.9x
The King II
  1. Tier: Gold
  2. Uses: 1
  3. Requirement: Only one player from your team enters the current map
  4. Ability: Your score is multiplied by 2x
The King III
  1. Tier: Prismatic
  2. Uses: 2
  3. Requirement: Only one player from your team enters the current map
  4. Ability: Your score is multiplied by 2x
The Greatest Defense
  1. Tier: Silver
  2. Ability: Your team's bans are converted to Protects. Ban phase follows Protect>Ban>Protect>Ban>Pick
The Missing Piece
  1. Tier: Silver
  2. Uses: 1
  3. Ability: Your next map pick can be from the previous week's mappool. The corresponding map slot must be unbanned, unpicked, and using this will mark that slot as being picked.

Host: Fairy Bread | Gala | Walfurus
Head Mappooler: resoa
Playtester: Radial | Shiox | Kyujin | its going up | uyghti
Referee: BCraftMG | Civil oath | DanX | Fairy Bread | Hoaq | SSScotty | Shizunaa | [K] | cyndrean | rock-on | unicornlover
Streamer: Hand Sanitiser | Hoaq | SSScotty | rock-on
Commentator: Beat43210 | Jordan The Bear | Mavs | SSScotty | Vordi | kit- | fish oil
Graphics: TKieen | downy
Technical/Sheeters: Fairy Bread | Gala | [K]
Mappers: Sing
Other: DJ Rinickulous | GranDSenpai | Vordi

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