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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, May 20, 2024 at 6:03:35 PM

Artist: Shizuru (CV: Nabatame Hitomi), Rino (CV: Asumi Kana)
Source: プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive
Tags: japanese pop jpop j-pop video game princess connect プリンセスコネクト プリコネ purikone priconne re:dive re dive cygames video mobile gacha game character song 08 tilda Take Armada
BPM: 205
Filesize: 7041kb
Play Time: 03:31
Difficulties Available:
  1. AFFECTION (5.67 stars, 777 notes)
  2. ARMSZEN'S SUPER NORMAL (2.51 stars, 505 notes)
  3. TAKE'S SUPER HARD (3.78 stars, 630 notes)
  4. TILSZEN'S SUPER INSANE (4.88 stars, 686 notes)
Download: Shizuru (CV: Nabatame Hitomi), Rino (CV: Asumi Kana) - SUPER CHOCOLATE
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

didnt really like my old super chocolate so here we go

INSANE Tilda & me
NORMAL Armada & me

HS from ranked

too / smoke the goat

저는 리노 사랑해

I really love 리노. Like, a lot. Like, a whole lot. You have no idea. I love her so much that it is inexplicable, and I'm ninety-nine percent sure that I have an unhealthy obsession. I will never get tired of listening that sweet, angelic voice of hers. It is my life goal to meet up her with her in real life and just say hello to her.

I fall asleep at night dreaming of her holding a personal concert for me, and then she would be sorry tired that she comes and cuddles up to me while we sleep together. If I could just hold her hand for a brief moment, I could die happy. If given the opportunity, I would :scp939: :scp939: :scp939: :scp939:.

I would give up almost anything just for her to look in my general direction. No matter what I do, I am constantly thinking of her. When I wake up, she is the first thing on my mind. When I go to school, I can only focus on her. When I go come home, I go on the computer so that I can listen to her beautiful voice. When I go to sleep, I dream of her and I living a happy life together. She is my pride, passion, and joy. If she were to call me "Onii-Chan!," I would probably get diabetes from her sweetness and die.

I wish for nothing but her happiness. If it were for her, I would give my life without any second thoughts. Without her, my life would serve no purpose. I really love 리노.
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