Quake Live Tournament - Winter 2014 - MUKKU WINS AGAIN!

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I totally forgot about this, luckily i checked my emails and noticed that I had a message.
what the
I am late to participate again?
: ((((((

mara y u spy threads
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Results of RO16

Keewlan vs. Kardet 1 - 2
Doomsday vs. Xgor 1 - 2
EzLyn vs. Nyaristoru 0 - 2
Marcin vs. Negri_sk 2 - 0
Riari vs. Nyari 0 - 2
Mukku vs. Could This Be 2 - 0
Navi vs. Alzzu Navi noshow - Alzzu wins by default
ityka vs. Nilheiven ityka noshow - Nilheiven wins by default

kert pls
Very deeply sorry that I couldnt make my match.
Got caught up in IRL sh*t and could make it...
so so sorry
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Other medals will be dropped tomorrow as well as prizes will be given. Please tell if you want supporter or quake live premium/pro.

Players, send me your demos ASAP!
It was fun :D

As the champion I will now tell you all the source of my eternal youth. It is cola. Drinking cola helps you frag people in Quake. That's why Mara is the strongest.
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With that logic Kert is american and drinks 10 liters of cola everyday.
'grats Mukku. T'was a fun tourney :D
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Might not be 100% accurate due how tired I am.

Mara wrote:

With that logic Kert is american and drinks 10 liters of cola everyday.
It's vodka black tea
How unfortunate you hold tournaments once a season and I always miss them because spy Mara : (
My logic might be flawed :(

Didn't even get the most frags. How did you do it Kardet?
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