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Where can i ask for beatmap suggestions
no where really...
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Oh...really?Thanks for replying
Unfortunately, there really isn't a place anymore where you can request for beatmaps. Here's an explanation why:

blissfulyoshi wrote:

Since some people have been asking where do you request beatmaps, I wanted to add an a few more details about the situation.

Gonzvlo wrote:

Sadly, there is no place to request a Beatmap, here's a link to the old thread:
Beatmap Song Requests

If you read through the old thread, you'll quickly realize that very few of these request were ever fulfilled, so even if you request a beatmap, it will probably be in vain. As a results, please do the following:

Derekku wrote:

First of all, try searching to see if the song you want mapped already exists. Second, you could always try mapping something yourself! It's not too hard with a little basic knowledge of how the editor works. Try reading the FAQ (specifically the Editing section) if you're entirely clueless. RIP beatmap request thread.

James2250 wrote:

You can try asking some of your friends or people in chat that are looking for new things to map but for the most part if you don't want to map it then you are just going to have to wait patiently until someone else decides to do it.
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I think i wanna try to create a beatmap,but you must set the offset's hard for me..noob
if you need timing help you can post here
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ok...thanks :)
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