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Welcome to APAC (Asia-Pacific) Mammoth Mayhem!

APAC Mammoth Mayhem is an homage to Hippo Cup (with blessings from Hippo Cup hosts) including two (2) forced "hidden" mod players per map, paired with unusually high-difficulty mappools. The tournament is region locked to the APAC region, is open rank, and uses a 4v4 double elimination format.

  1. APAC Mammoth Mayhem is region locked to Asia-Pacific, a full list of eligible countries can be found below.
  2. All players must have an osu! profile flag with an eligible countries’ banner.
  3. This is a (pending confirmation) badged tournament, and will abide by official osu! tournament rules, which can be found here.
  4. Teams will consist of 5-8 players all abiding by the region-lock rules.
  5. The format will be RO32 if satisfactory team count is reached, if not RO16 will be used and the schedule reduced by one (1) week.
  6. Matches will be played in a standard synchronous 4v4 format using scorev1.
  7. Each team must field two (2) players with the "hidden" mod on every map, excluding tie-breaker and freemod picks.
  8. Double elimination will be used, with a losers bracket coming into effect as of the second week of bracket stage.

The following countries are eligible to play. If this list seems wrong, or a country you expected to be here is missing, please contact me via Discord to clarify.

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, North Korea, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam

  • All rounds are listed by “weekend of”
  1. Signups: December 8th > December 31st
  2. Screening
  3. Round of 32: January 12th
  4. Round of 16 (BO11): January 19th
  5. Quarterfinals (BO11): January 26th
  6. Semifinals (BO13): February 2nd
  7. Finals (BO15): February 9th
  8. Grand Finals (BO15): February 16th

General Rules
  1. All maps will be played with scorev1 and NoFail (failed scores count).
  2. Each team must field two (2) players with the "hidden" mod on every map, excluding tie-breaker and freemod picks.
  3. Teams must have a minimum of five (5) players, but no more than eight (8) players.
  4. All players on a team must abide by the region-lock rules.
  5. The top 32 teams by average team BWS will proceed to the bracket stage (16 in the scenario where there are not a satisfactory number of teams for RO32).
Freemod Rules
  1. Freemod maps require at least one (1) "hidden" mod player and one (1) "hardrock" mod player.
  2. Players may use "hidden" and "hardrock" (HDHR), which will count as "hardrock" only for the purposes of freemod rules.
  3. Players may use "flashlight" or "easy" to substitute for "hidden" only for the purposes of a freemod map (not viable for the standard two (2) HD rule).
Bracket Stage
  1. The referee will create the lobby, ping in Discord, and send captains an invite 10 minutes prior to match time.
  2. Players have five (5) minutes leeway to join the lobby after the match time, by which point the match is forfeited.
  3. If both teams noshow a fieldable team, the match will be forfeited. Reschedules will not be permitted, as this still wastes the referees time.
  4. If no referee is available, the match will be rescheduled.
  5. If a player disconnects within the first 1/8 or 20 seconds of a map (whichever is shorter), the map will be aborted and replayed.
  6. If a player disconnects late into the map, proof of score such as score submission or stream vod may be used to fill in the missing score.
  7. Roll winner shall pick between one of the following four (4) options, and their opponent picks from the remaining two (2) options in the opposing cycle (eg. if player A wants to pick 1st, player B may pick to ban 1st or ban 2nd):
    1. pick 1st
    2. pick 2nd
    3. ban 1st
    4. ban 2nd
  8. Bans will be made in an ABAB alternating fashion.
  9. Each team may pick one warmup that is osu!std, shorter than four (4) minutes, and not from any of the tournaments’ mappools.
  10. Reiterating that each team must field two (2) HD players on every map.
  11. If a tie occurs, no team receives a point and the match continues.
  12. The tiebreaker is played with freemod, but no mods are enforced.
  1. Reschedules can be made up to two hours before a match is going to start, or would start under the proposed time.
  2. A reschedule requires both players to agree to the reschedule. If the reschedule request is made with less than 12 hours until the match, your opponent may deny the request without any explanation or compromise.
  3. Reschedules can be made for weekdays if no weekend time is suitable, however must be completed before any matches of the next round begin.
  4. Any problems with reschedules can be discussed with hosts who will talk with all involved players and make the final decision.

Prize Pool: $200 USD

First | 50% Prize Pool ($100) & Profile Badge (pending approval)

Second | 30% Prize Pool ($60)
Third | 20% Prize Pool ($40)

Any donations will be directly contributed to the prize pool and split as the above percentages show.

Many staff roles are currently and will continue to take new volunteers throughout the tournament, if you would like to help referee, stream, commentate, or playtest for this tournament please join the Discord and contact any of the hosts.
We are currently searching for: referees, commentators, streamers.

Host: cyndrean | Gala | Pepsi Max
Head Mappooler: Pepsi Max
Mappooler: Pepsi Max
Playtester: -felicia | Arge | ASecretBox | Ekoro | Hifkil | kiirochii | Monko2k
Referee: Chronicler | cyndrean | Gala | Orangeholic | Pepsi Max | SSScotty
Streamer: Gala | Pepsi Max
Commentator: Gala | Pepsi Max | resoa
Graphics: megumic
Sheeters: cyndrean | Gala (templates from D I O and LeoFLT)
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have any issues or complaints? use the official osu! tournament committee report form
no qual whaaaaaaaaaa
pls sign up guys
That's so nice of you guys, I am so happy that I can play with my Asian friends
Mrekk, enri, forum (worst hr player), flyingtuna, and mcy4 on the same team. Bru they literally just bullying the entire lobby at this point xd
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