MIMI - Lapis Lazuli [OsuMania]

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[TCD] tihung
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, 25 March 2024 at 00:36:50

Artist: MIMI
Title: Lapis Lazuli
Tags: [tcd] dzar03 japanese pop jpop j-pop 初音ミク hatsune miku 佐藤主税 satou chikara featured artist fa vocaloid ボーカロイド ボカロ crypton future media rapisurazuri rapisu razuri mg mpg mappers' guild
BPM: 190
Filesize: 7041kb
Play Time: 03:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ao no Seijaku - 4Key (4.08 stars, 2318 notes)
  2. Dzar03's Hard - 4Key (3.35 stars, 2011 notes)
  3. Normal - 4Key (2.34 stars, 1406 notes)
Download: MIMI - Lapis Lazuli
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
ok wtf

MIMI project, #3
MIMI FA listed song subproject, #1
#2 | #4
The first song by MIMI, featuring Hatsune Miku

Vocal focused LN, 1/2 chord with 1/4 triplet bursts in kiai

Ranked series
#2 | #3 | N/A

Beatmap Nominators
1st: Chrisse
2nd: SuzumeAyase

osu!mania needs more MIMI!

Background from the music video, by もま; source

WARNING: New audio on 11 Dec, if downloaded before please redownload
Hitsounds from FAMoss' pack
Guest hard difficulty by [TCD] Dzar03

29/11/2023: added Dzar03's GD, updated insane diff
30/11/2023: updated hard diff
02/12/2023: modded by Telzzxs
03/12/2023: modded by 1545940348
11/12/2023: new audio from 128kbps to 192kbps, provided by M4xWasHere, changed offset from 1070 to 1060 (10ms earlier)
13/12/2023: modded by Ly_tou
16/12/2023: updated hard diff, added "rapisu razuri" into tag field
19/12/2023: changed offset to 1050 (10ms earlier), modded by Rurvker, -[ Peachy ]-, Reihynn
20/12/2023: resolved more mods
21/12/2023: modded by duyet299, resolved more mods
22/12/2023: updated normal diff
24/12/2023: updated insane diff
25/12/2023: in insane diff, a kick leading to a snare in non kiai sections is reduced to single
26/12/2023: modded by Mon3tr_Miku
27/12/2023: updated hard diff, added a new concept for kiai in insane diff
30/12/2023: updated insane diff
01/01/2024: in insane diff: kiai vocals are now continuous instead of having spaces, except っ mora
03/01/2024: updated insane diff
05/01/2024: in insane diff, buffed 2 kiai sections from 03:05:471 and 03:25:681: normal hitsounds now use double, kiai section from 03:25:681 no longer uses LN overlap
08/01/2024: removed LN overlap in insane diff
12/01/2024: changed offset to 1056 (6ms later)
15/01/2024: nerfed normal diff's 1/4 bursts
17/01/2024: updated all diffs, added SV for insane diff at 03:25:056
28/01/2024: updated tags
07/02/2024: added uninherited timing point (red line) at 02:45:266
09/02/2024: split the first 2 kiai into halves
21/02/2024: updated all diffs
22/02/2024: changed offset to 1060 (4ms later)
02/03/2024: added a new concept for insane diff: double is used after a major cymbal crash
05/03/2024: normal diff checked by Chrisse
06/03/2024: hard diff partly checked by Chrisse
07/03/2024: updated hard diff
13/03/2024: hard diff fully checked by Chrisse, increased SV intensity at 02:12:428 in insane diff
14/03/2024: insane diff checked by Chrisse, changed offset to 1057 (3ms earlier), updated tags
17/03/2024: changed 01:16:372 into 1/4 bursts, updated hitsound
18/03/2024: checked by SuzumeAyase
20/03/2024: deleted hitsound diff
21/03/2024: reapplied hitsound

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