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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 18 February 2024 at 23:34:56

Artist: MisoilePunch ~Takenoko Soe~
Title: Fin.ArcDeaR
Tags: SDVX MisomyL Ponchi♪ Ponchi タケノコ少年 Takenoko Shounen The 6th KAC KONAMI Arcade Championship オリジナル楽曲コンテスト Original Song Contest Excellence Award Finale Arcana Dear Amusement Bemani Electronic Instrumental Video Game Noch Einen
BPM: 225
Filesize: 4548kb
Play Time: 01:57
Difficulties Available:
  1. HEAVENLY - 7Key (6,3 stars, 2434 notes)
  2. MAXIMUM - 7Key (5,31 stars, 1960 notes)
  3. Noch's ADVANCED - 7Key (3,56 stars, 1381 notes)
  4. Noch's EXHAUST - 7Key (4,24 stars, 1686 notes)
  5. NOVICE - 7Key (2,34 stars, 911 notes)
Download: MisoilePunch ~Takenoko Soe~ - Fin.ArcDeaR
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
You need to re-download it if you download before 01/February/2024
due to the new audio and new BG size change

Hey, Ene here!
I'm back again! until some years...
First of all i want to tell a story about this map, long before it was submitted at 06 November 2023.

So my account Takane6 had a problem with verification issues this past years and i'm too lazy to appeal about it. so i did made a new account in the name of "Joulette". Some players probably know that Joulette was me as i've told them about me.

Later on i decided that i want to keep creating maps, but because i thought that Takane6 is unretrievable, i decided to making maps using Joulette. And this beat-map was originally created at that time (2017), you can check the map here >>> beatmapsets/639329

After some years on making the map, i got hiatus again from 2018 until around June 2022 for small update, but i'm still busy on my college so it was left out again. I decided that later i will be back to join to osu again and making maps again.

Skip to 05 November 2023, i'm thinking that i'm not so busy now and i decided that i will join osu again for good! But before that, i was curious if Takane6 is actually unretrievable or no, so i decided to appeal about my verification issues to Bancho. Long story short, Bancho actually able to make my verification issues solved! so Takane6 account is back! And i was able to make Bancho to overwrite Joulette with Takane6 account. so Joulette is definitely no more! but this map was submitted with Joulette. So i resubmitted again using Takane6 and want to continue this map progress for good!

When at Joulette account, this map has already got 7 hype and +8 mods before its resubmitted here now.

thats all i can say about this map now!
thankyou for everything! <3
  1. ADV and EXH by Noch Einen
  2. 1st BN by Al-Reina
  3. 2nd BN by Murumoo
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