senya - Kanjou Chemistry (Drum 'n' Bass Remix)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 1:08:44 AM

Artist: senya
Title: Kanjou Chemistry (Drum 'n' Bass Remix)
Source: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.
Tags: 感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind Yuuhei Satellite th12 UFO Undefined Fantastic Object Hijiri Byakuren Emotional Skyscraper kamase-tora Autobahn dnb drum and bass θで突き刺して theta Shiita de Tsukisashite video game japanese 幽閉サテライト 東方project touhou project pajwoj cptsqbany
BPM: 174
Filesize: 9343kb
Play Time: 05:25
Difficulties Available:
  1. Emotional Chemistry (5.79 stars, 1581 notes)
  2. PAJWOJ's Vestige of Days Gone By (5.2 stars, 1318 notes)
Download: senya - Kanjou Chemistry (Drum 'n' Bass Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
We really need more senya

"Emotional Chemistry" by me
"Vestige of Days Gone By" by pajwoj

HS by me

BG Source:

BNs (it's still a joke to look for ones):
- Shmiklak
- -Mo-
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