polysha feat. Miyo Takashiro - Logos

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2024年4月16日 at 14:31:34

Artist: polysha feat. Miyo Takashiro
Title: Logos
Source: Arcaea
Tags: artcore japanese vocal vocalist electronic female videogame video game lowiro Imagining After Song Contest Severed Eden Main Story Act II Catastrophe rhythm mobile sanayui yayoi takatsuki my angel jeremy Niizuma Yae not your kitty
BPM: 189
Filesize: 4837kb
Play Time: 02:13
Difficulties Available:
  1. Future (4.96 stars, 566 notes)
  2. kitty's Present (3.43 stars, 340 notes)
  3. My Angel Jeremy's Beyond (6.08 stars, 636 notes)
  4. The seeker of oracles (6.58 stars, 670 notes)
  5. Yae's Past (2.34 stars, 235 notes)
Download: polysha feat. Miyo Takashiro - Logos
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

banner by Hecate

great to see miyo takashiro in arcaea

normal yayoi takatsuki
hard sanayui lol
insane me
extra jeremy
top me

Nao Tomori / HowRengar
Big thanks for nominations!!!

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