BUTAOTOME - Gensou no Satellite

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on środa, 22 maja 2024 at 18:39:35

Title: Gensou no Satellite
Source: 東方Project
Tags: Touhou Magical Astronomy Tenkuu no Greenwich in the Sky 天空のグリニッジ Illusionary Homo Ludens 幻想ホモ・ルーデンス Fantasy Satellite コンプ Comp ランコ Ranko Team Shanghai Alice ZUN Renko Usami 宇佐見蓮子 Maribel Hearn マエリベリー・ハーン Video Game Japanese Rock Jazz Female Vocals OMT2023 OMT23 osu! Malaysia Tournament 2023 fm1 hanabyte full combo natteke desu evilelvis jounzan chronosp mahiru shiina conyoh bongo take str0mboli 大空魔術 ~ Gensou Ruudensu zun sound voltex booth sdvx 上海アリス幻樂団 cup ac8129464363
BPM: 80
Filesize: 22306kb
Play Time: 03:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. bongo's Hard (3,54 stars, 439 notes)
  2. deetz' Insane (4,91 stars, 668 notes)
  3. Jounzan's Extra (5,93 stars, 826 notes)
  4. Mahiru's Expert (6,87 stars, 838 notes)
  5. Orbit (7,3 stars, 986 notes)
  6. Take's Normal (2,55 stars, 356 notes)
Download: BUTAOTOME - Gensou no Satellite
Download: BUTAOTOME - Gensou no Satellite (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
CONYOH CUP (top diff) / OMT23 (mahiru's)

top - me
expert - mahiru shiina
extra - jounzan (evilelvis(chronosp))
INSANE - deetz
hard - bongo
normal - take

bn: arsalan/pile
hs on top expert hard normal - mahiru shiina

jounzan and deetz diffs taken from this epic set (with permission) beatmapsets/207021#osu/487900

final slider in orbit by str0mboli
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