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I love slider art and I love making it but I have to say, I've done just fine making symmetrical hearts and stars and circles and loops using the current tools available, and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to these sorts of things. I guess I don't really see the problem, it's not like they have to be 110% flawless; you can eyeball it and still have the resulting slider look close enough that nobody is going to notice the difference between yours and one that is absolutely perfect mathematically without a lot of scrutiny.
If you want a star, place five hit notes in the same place then rotate them in 72-degree increments. Then place slider points at their centres.

I'm a genius, eh?
I hope the picture clarifies.

The mouse cursor will be at the bezier point in the middle of the highlighted lines.

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
And that is precisely why I want this feature implemented.

Observe my imperfect figure eight slider which looks the part, albeit unrankable due to overlap and has a horrifically uneven bezier map. This is the 'brute' manipulation of maps I was talking about earlier, which is what happens when people get frustrated trying to align things properly due to how finicky it is working off sight alone currently.

You on the other hand, obviously have quite a hand an eye for the construction of sliders and are thus able to do so by eye alone with relative ease (despite that slider not being specifically perfect, whatever). Not everybody has the eyesight for this and even a zoom wouldn't particularly help here. Being able to see the numerical length of such bezier points will allow a person with the utmost basic numeracy to utilize ratios to construct better sliders properly without spending half the time they do on it currently.
You could do a much better job using multi-part curves, btw.
I highly support this feature. It's really hard sometimes to make a nice looking slider.
For example this one

It will be good if the indicator can show also how many squares to the leftrightupdown are between two points.
Nice 10 month bump.

The relationship between the distance between control points and the resulting bezier is non-obvious, and other things affect the resulting shape moreso, so I see no reason for this.

Maybe field coordinates (as in SBE) could be handy.

Supporting this
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