Poonz Secret Tournament [2v2] [50k-100k] [PLAYER REGS HAD ENDED AND STAFF REGS ARE OPEN]

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Hello, this is my 2nd osu! Tournament called PST or Poonz Secret Tournament! It might get Badged.

  1. This would be a 2v2 [teams of 4] tournament with the rank range of 50k-100k with 0 Rank Buffer starting at RO32.
  1. The tournament would be using ScoreV2 .
  1. This tournament would be double elimination, so if you lose in the winners bracket, you can have a chance in losers bracket.
  1. Staff cant play in the Tournament
  1. Matches will be played on Saturday - Monday in case there are stuff going on, Mappool Showcase, Mappool Release, and Bracket Schedules would be released at Tuesday - Wednesday.
  1. There will be a Secret Pool


  1. Qualifiers will be ScoreV2.
  2. Qualifiers will be in Saturday - Monday
  3. Your team must register in a lobby in order to qualify for the Bracket Stages.
  4. You must be in the lobby in 5 minutes after the invites are sent or you must register for another lobby.
  5. Z-sum will be used to calculate your score and place your Seed.
  6. only 32 teams will qualify for the bracket stages so do good in your qualifier lobby!

Bracket Stages:

  1. Rounds will happen every week after Qualifiers from Saturday to Monday.
  2. You can reschedule during the week, Asyncs will be allowed until ro16
  3. The latest you can reschedule is Monday 23:00 UTC.
  4. The Ref will ping your team and invite you 10-15 minutes before the match, at least 2 of your team members must join in 10 minutes or else it is going to be a forfeit, if bots doesn't have 2 players in the lobby, they could schedule for an Async (if its before SF) or the higher seed wins.
  5. Warmups will be allowed for every round and cant be longer than 5 minutes.
  6. once Warmups are done your Team Captain must !roll and whoever is the highest get to ban first and pick second or ban second and pick first (Ban order will be in ABAB).
  7. Your Team Captain has 120 seconds to ban a map or they will lose it, the same applies to picks.
  8. Mods cant be banned twice (only NM) and cant be picked twice (except NM).
  9. There will be a countdown once a map is picked so that the players can get ready fast, if the players has not readied up, the Ref can start the match (unless the have an excuse).
  10. If a player disconnects before 30 seconds of the map, the Ref stop the map and can restart it if its more than 30 seconds, Ref has to play on.
  11. If Someone picks A Secret Mappool or a FreeMod map, HD/HR/EZ will be allowed.
  12. If someone picks A FM Map, one person must use HD/EZ and the other one HR
  13. If there is a tie, a tiebreaker must be played to break the tie.
  14. After the match has ended, Players are free to leave.

Secret Pool Rules:

This Pool is designed to be hidden. This Pool will be only have 1 map for qualifiers, 1 map during RO32 to Semi Finals, and 2 in Finals to Grand Finals. The hosts will be choosing the maps. Maps can be ranged from 9* jump map to 2* ar5 map. This Pool can only be played when 4 maps are already played.

Qualifiers: 4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 1 SC | 5.8*
RO32: 4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 2 FM, 1 SC, 1 TB | BO9 | 5.5*
RO16: 5 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 3 DT, 2 FM, 1 SC, 1 TB | BO9 | 5.6*
QF: 6 NM, 3 HD, 3, HR, 4 DT, 2 FM, 1 SC, 1 TB | BO11 | 5.7*
SF: 6 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 4 DT, 2 FM, 1 SC, 1 TB | BO11 | 5.8*
F: 6 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 4 DT, 3 FM, 2 SC, 1 TB | BO13 | 6.0*
GF: 6 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 4 DT, 3 FM, 2 SC, 1 TB | BO13 | 6.2*

Registrations| July 3 - July 31
Screening| August 5 - August 7
Qualifiers| 5.8*| August 11 - August 14
RO32| August 18 - August 21
RO16| August 25 - September 28
QF| September 1 - September 4
SF| September 8 - September 11
F| September 15 - September 18
GF| September 22 - September 25

1st place - Banner and 1 month of osu supporter (ty naw nvm)
2nd Place - Banner
3rd place - Banner
still broke

banners made by Amogoose_
Pot2fleur T-T
the return of my first tourney but 5 digit edition
free badge?
Naw Nvm

-Cazik- wrote:

[ Ayano ]

-Cazik- wrote:

Humilde cazik no subiendo a 5 digit para darnos chance de ganar 🛐
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