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Current Priority: +0
Simply put, creating individual sprites for each number is a pain and needlessly repetitive.

One solution to ease the burden on skinners would be to have osu! read a single sprite sheet of the numbers (plus period, comma, and "x"), as opposed to a separate image for each sprite. A template would have to be provided, of course, but beyond that there would be no additional work other than the making of the numbers themselves. Cropping and saving each number as a separate sprite would no longer be necessary.


Osu! would split the sheet in intervals of, for example, 55px, and separate the numbers in this fashion.

55px is an arbitrary number, by the way.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
If it does, then I don't know how to use it and have never heard of it before. =P

If anyone know how, please post it.
Problem with this as suggested is that all the numbers would have to be the same width (and height, but that doesn't matter as much). It'd be better (and I'm sure it could be done this way) if there were a 1 pixel border between each number, in some set color, to break up the numbers

I'd be all for this because it's a pain even with the slice tool, since I invariably still need to rename 13 images each time I tweak and save my numbers
If you use the slice tool you can give each slice a name and it will export them all for you at once.

That said, sprite sheets are definitely a better way to manage sprites from a performance perspective. I split them up only because of the variable width issue. Using a separator colour will work fine, but it means we need to make a "new" skin format and still support the old as fallback.

That said, I support changing what can be in a sprite sheet to be in one.
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