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  1. This tournament features mappools with unconventional maps. Such maps include extreme CS/AR, weird sliders/patterns/rhythms, gameplay gimmicks, funny songs and all kinds of mod combinations. Basically anything fun!
  2. This is a 1v1 team size 2 osu! STD tournament for players under the rank 10k (10k~inf). There is no rank buffer. (Some rounds/maps may require teams to play 2v2)
  3. Badge-weighted seeding (BWS) will be applied to the rank of the players: rank = global_rank ^ (0.9937 ^ (badge_count ^ 2)). You can calculate your BWS rank here.
  4. Ranks will be locked when registration ends.
  5. All matches will be played with Score v2.
  6. Joining the discord server is mandatory for all the players.
  7. There will be a qualifier round, with the top 32 teams advancing to the bracket stage.
  8. The bracket stage will be double elimination with a potential bracket reset.
  9. Staff are not allowed to participate in the tournament, except for referees, streamers and commentators. Referees cannot self-ref their own matches.
  10. Players may sign up as a free agent. Free agents will be paired up into teams based on the following order: (1) timezones, (2) country, (3) rank, (4) spin wheel. If the total number of free agents is odd, the player with the lowest rank will be removed from the list.
  11. A #⁠looking-for-team channel is available in the discord server for people to find teammates. However, they aren't seen as signed up and thus will not be paired up after registration ends.
  12. A #reg-changes channel is available in the discord server for changing team names, discord name, team members, timezones or unregistering.
  13. If one player in the team is out of rank range or restricted, the whole team will be disqualified.
  14. Cheating, multi-accounting, inappropriate behavior that violates Discord/Twitch ToS or bad sportsmanship is forbidden.
  15. The host reserves the right to change any rules for the tournament.
Round info:
Qualifiers: 5.8*, 11 maps
Round of 32: 5.4*, BO?, 2 bans, 15+3 maps
Round of 16: 5.6*, BO9, 2 bans, 15+3 maps
Quarterfinals: 5.8*, BO11, 0 ban, 17+3 maps
Semifinals: 6.1*, BO?, 0 ban, 17+3 maps
Finals: 6.3*, BO?, 3 bans, 20+3 maps
Grand Finals: 6.5*, BO13, 0 ban, 21+3 maps
  1. Star rating refers to the approximate SR of the most generic map in the pool.
  2. If there are not enough teams that make for RO32, we will start from RO16 with BO11 and 17+3 maps. RO64 will not be added even if there are enough teams.

  1. All the maps will be designated with a mod or mod combination, flexible or not.
  2. Every round will feature 3 special rules that may change the scoring system, win condition, mods, player allocation, pool structure or any other things.
  3. Every pool in the bracket round will have a slot for “random maps.” The random pool will be pre-decided but not revealed. Each team has 1 chance to pick the random slot and the referee will roll for the map to play. The used map in the match will be removed while it will still be in the pool for other matches.
  4. Special rules will be announced one week before the round starts, along with mappool reveal.
  5. Below are the explanations for mods restrictions:
    <mod>: The mod or mod combo is forced.
    FM: NM or any combo of HD/HR/EZ/FL/SO.
    FM X<mod>: FM except for the mod. e.g. FM XEZ means EZ is not allowed.
    <mod>FM: require the mod and others are free. e.g. HTFM means HT, HDHT, HRHT etc. are all allowed.
    <mod>/<mod>: choose from the listed mod combo. e.g. HD/HR means HD or HR, HDHR is not allowed.
    (<mod>): optional. e.g. (HD)DT means DT is required and HD is optional.
    NoNF: NF cannot be enabled.
  6. EZ has no extra multiplier.
  7. When RX or AP is used, the team with higher (acc - miss count * 0.5) wins.
  1. To serve the purpose of "fun," most maps will be unconventional and thus not a good idea to sightread.
  2. Slot pooling will not be applied, so you shouldn't expect the same skillset will always be tested in the next pool.
  3. There might be a bit more lower AR and higher CS maps, but not too insane amount of, we know it is not the only thing that makes a map fun. Generally, maps with AR below 7.5 and CS above 6.5 will be labeled low AR/ high CS and there will not be more than 2 maps from each category.
  4. Every round may consist of at most 1 map that requires players to enable the storyboard. We will ensure that most computers can play it properly, but there might still be possible lag for lower performance computers.
  5. It may take some time to read the special rules, but you have to read them to understand how the matches work.

Any of the rules below that conflict with the special rules of that round can be ignored.

  1. Qualifier lobbies are available on the weekend every 2 hours.
  2. Extra lobbies are allowed if requested. The latest time a team can apply for is Monday 12 UTC.
  3. Maps will be played in the lobby for one run.
  4. A late team may play the first maps after the lobby is done if the referee agrees. A disconnected player may replay at most 1 map after the lobby is done.
Bracket Stage:
  1. A referee will invite both teams around 5 minutes before the match starts.
  2. There is a 10-minute grace period for teams to show up, after that the no-show team will be considered forfeit unless both teams agree to reschedule.
  3. There will be no warmup for all the matches.
  4. Each team has a 3-minute timeout.
  5. Teams will roll, the higher roll decides to pick first/ban second or pick second/ban first.
  6. 2 bans in SF and before, 3 bans after that, if bans are applicable.
  7. The order of 2 bans is ABBA. The order of 3 bans is ABBAAB.
  8. Teams may substitute their one or more bans for protects at any time during the ban phase. A protected map cannot be banned, and a banned map cannot be protected.
  9. Teams have 90 seconds to ban, pick and have their rosters lock in. If a team does not take action after the 90s, they are seen as using their timeout, or they will give the chance to their opponent if they don't have timeout available.
  10. Maps will be picked by two teams alternatively.
  11. There will be 3 TBs, TBs are available for pick. However, one team can only pick at most 1 TB before both teams reach match point. When a tie happens, both teams message the referee in dm to ban a TB only if they didn’t pick TB during the match (no ban if you pick before), and the remaining map will be played. If both teams ban the same map, the referee will roll to decide which map to play.
  12. If a player disconnects in the first 25% into a map, the map will be aborted and restarted. This can happen only once in a match for each player.
  13. Async matches are not allowed.
  14. If the opponent team doesn't respond to a rescheduling message after 24 hours, please ping them in the discord server. If there's no response by another 24 hours, they will be considered forfeiting.
  15. If a player is restricted during the course of the tournament, some matches may need to be replayed. This will be decided by the host.

Registrations: Jun 17 - Jul 09
Qualifiers: Jul 14 - Jul 17 12UTC
Round of 32: Jul 21 - Jul 24
Round of 16: Jul 28 - Jul 31
Quarterfinals: Aug 04 - Aug 07
Semifinals: Aug 11 - Aug 14
Finals: Aug 18 - Aug 20
Grand Finals: Aug 25 - Aug 28

  1. Qualifiers mappool and special rules will be revealed on July 02, which is one week before registration ends, as a reference for people who are hesitant to sign up.

Winner - Banner
2nd Place - Banner
3rd Place - Banner
4th Place - Banner

◈ Please contact the host if you would like to donate. Prize donors of any amount will be given a banner! ◈

LETS GO i love gimmick
So cool
his everything
I love taiwan and hong kong (and malasyia (and the USA))
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