osu!std | 4 digit world cup 2023 (signups closed)

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  1. This is a country-based, world cup style tournament.
  2. This is a 4v4, osu! standard tournament.
  3. The rank range is #1000–9999. BWS will not be used for rank range enforcement.
  4. The tournament will be played in ScoreV2.
  5. Teams will be seeded by qualifier results.
  6. Qualifiers will be done by playing through a 10-map pool once. Four players from a team will be in for each map.
    1. The qualifiers mappool will consist of 4 NoMod, 2 Hidden, 2 Hard Rock and 2 Double Time picks.
  7. The top 32 teams from qualifiers will advance to a double elimination bracket.
  8. Grand Finals will feature a bracket reset if the team coming from the losers' bracket wins the first match.
  9. Players outside the rank range are allowed to register. However, if they are not strictly within the rank range by the time registration ends, their registration will be removed.
  10. After registration ends, players are allowed to leave the rank range to any extent.
  11. Match schedules and mappools for each stage will be released on the Monday before those matches should be played.
  12. Match schedules will be displayed in UTC+0 time zone.
  13. Reschedules will only be considered if both teams agree to a time and communicate it to the tournament managers, before Thursday 23:59 UTC+0 of the week the match is to take place on.
  14. Staff members are not allowed to play in the tournament, other than streamers and commentators.

  1. Registration: May 7 ~ May 21 @ 18:00 UTC+0
  2. Team Submission & Screening: May 21 ~ June 4 @ 23:59 UTC+0
  3. Qualifiers: June 9 ~ June 11
  4. Round of 32: June 16 ~ June 18 | Best of 9
  5. Round of 16: June 23 ~ June 25 | Best of 9
  6. Quarter Finals: June 30 ~ July 2 | Best of 11
  7. Semi Finals: July 7 ~ July 9 | Best of 11
  8. Finals: July 14 ~ July 16 | Best of 13
  9. Grand Finals: July 21 ~ July 23 | Best of 13

  1. The captain for each country will be selected by the hosts at the end of registrations.
  2. Teams will range from 5 to 8 members.
  3. After registrations end, each captain will be sent the list of players who signed up from their respective country.
  4. Players from countries or territories (as seen on their profile flag) that are under a protectorate or a sovereign state may choose to play for a closely related country if the country listed on their profile is unable to field enough players to form a valid team. Players who have played a badged world cup under a different country may play under that country, should they provide sufficient proof of residency or nationality.
    1. Such cases will only be handled on request during the team submission phase.
    2. Eligible badged world cup series currently include: 3WC, 4WC, 5WC, OMFWC and any official world cups (any gamemode).
  5. If a country has more than 8 eligible signups, they are recommended to host tryouts. If a team has 8 or fewer signups their team will be locked as is. They are, however, free to change their captain or remove a player within the team submission period.
  6. All members of the team must be registered for the tournament. The deadline is strict and any attempts to circumvent this will be punished. The player lists sent to captains are final and contain all eligible signups.
  7. The captain is allowed to not put themselves on the team if they think it is right to do so, but they are still responsible for submitting their country's roster to the tournament hosts as well as designating someone else on the roster as the new captain.

  1. The match lobby will be created by the designated referee, and the team captains of both teams will be invited. The captains are then responsible for inviting the rest of their teams. If the captain of a team is not online, the referee will invite any other player from that team, and that player will be responsible for inviting their team.
  2. Teams have a strict 10 minute grace period to have at least 4 players available to play the match. If 10 minutes pass and a team cannot field enough players to play the match, the other team will receive a win by default unless a reschedule is agreed upon by both teams within a timely manner.
  3. At the start of the match, both captains will !roll. The roll winner bans second and picks first, and the roll loser bans first and picks second.
  4. There will be no warmups.
  5. The referee is not allowed to play in the match.
  6. Each team is allowed 1 ban for RO32 and RO16, 2 bans onwards per match. Banned maps are effectively removed from the mappool for the duration of the match and are not allowed to be picked. A team is allowed to ban 2 maps from the same mod pool.
  7. Bans will be done in the ABBA order.
  8. Picking 2 maps from the same mod pool in a row is allowed.
  9. Teams have 2 minutes to select a map. If they fail to choose in the allotted time, the map choice will pass to the other team. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterward.
  10. For freemod picks, at least 2 players per team will have to choose a unique mod. Mods allowed are Hidden, Hard Rock and Easy.
    1. Teams must run at least one player on HR and one player on HD or EZ. Mod combinations are possible, however HDHR does not count towards a player having HD.
    2. Scores with EZ will be multiplied by 1.6 for a maximum score of 800,000
  11. Players are allowed but not required to use mods on tiebreaker maps.
  12. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 2 minutes to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. If the 2 minute timer ends, the referee will force an !mp start 15 command, and the match will start with whoever is in the lobby.
    1. Should a team have too many players in the lobby, the scores from their 4 worst performing players will be counted
  13. The winner of a map is determined by which team's four scores add up to a higher number.
  14. Using No Fail is enforced on every map.
  15. In the case of a disconnection, common sense will be applied: if proof exists of the disconnected player's score (or a rough estimate of their hypothetical score if they finished the map), it will be added to their team's total score; if it is at all ambiguous, the other team will get the point; if the disconnection occurred in the first few seconds, the map will be replayed.


  1. All the rules found above will be in effect during the qualifier lobbies. Qualifier lobbies will be Head to Head instead of Team VS, and there are no bans.
  2. Each team will be playing by themselves in a qualifier lobby. Captains will have to discuss with the team to see which time works best and submit that time by Friday, June 9 at 23:59 UTC+0. There will be a reminder on Thursday morning preceding the deadline to the teams that have not selected a time yet. Any teams that do not select a time to play by the deadline will be disqualified.
  3. In the lobby, the team will play through the entire mappool in the order given on the mappool sheet. This means you will play through the nomod maps, then hidden, then hard rock, then double time.
  4. In the event of any disconnects, the player(s) who disconnect will be allowed to replay the map after the run by themselves.
    1. Any suspected abuse of this rule will lead to the team being disqualified.
  5. Teams will have 4 players in the lobby at a time. Players may be switched between maps.
  6. Qualifier scores will be kept private until all teams have played in order to prevent seed manipulation.
  7. The bracket will be formed with the top 32 teams based on qualifiers performance using traditional seeding. This means that a team placed at 32nd will be facing the team that placed 1st, 31st vs 2nd etc.

1st Place
  • Profile Badge (pending approval)
    Animated Banner
2nd Place
  • Animated Banner
3rd Place
  • Animated Banner

If you believe there is an issue that impacts the competitive integrity of the tournament, use the tournament report form ( to list your concerns with the Tournament Committee.
kuru kuru
its time
would be really cool if all the 5wc players ranked up to play 4wc, just to run it back ya know
hi i'm 4 digit can i join? 🤑🤑
Jeong Woo Yeong
hi im 4 digit can i join? 🤑🤑
announcing broccoli cup 3 right now in like 5 hours
hi i'm 6 digit can i not join? 🤑🤑

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kuru kuru
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