netzoid's DEVIOUS modding queue [nm/m4m/gd] (open)

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Hi! This is my modding queue where i try to mod your map but fail miserably. pls read info. :D

General Info:
Send me whatever you like. I don't really care about song, just send map and I'll take a look and try to mod to the best of my ability. I take all keymodes EXCEPT 14-18k though I don't think anyone maps them anyways. I have a lot of free time, I will look at your map super super fast unless i am at school or am sleeping.

btw just send link none of that format stuff. alternatively you can just submit a request at bump or else I will ignore, thx

M4M Info

if you wish to m4m, let me mod you're map first and if I am fulfilled with the mods I made, you can then mod my map, this is so I don't feel guilty whenever I can't find any mods on their map but they modded my map already.

thank you !!

GD Info

I can map any keymode(except 14-18k). For 4k, I am willing to do easy, normal, hard, insane, no higher. For 5k+ I am willing to do easy, normal, hard, insane, another, no higher. I am not willing to do anything that is LN focused (i cant map ln.) Must be under 4 minutes. I will pm you if i deny/accept.


Q: What do you look for when modding?
A: Inconsistencies, hand balancing, playability, stuff that goes against rc, metadata, etc.

Q: Why is the queue devious?
A: idk it sound funny

Q: hey, i want clarification on your mod post, how do i contact you?
A: private message me or discord(can be found in my profile)

Q: What language do you mod in?
A: Only english, ancestors would be very sad

NOTE⚠️: I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, if i don't its because I'm too lazy or i'm in school or I just forgot to look at your mapset.

thanks for reading :D

[TCD] Vani

Request(NM/GD): NM
Arist & Title: ALTA - 2000VOLT
Length: 1:55
Genre: "Neotrance" (???, i have no idea either)
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1913069#mania/3946291
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): [MEGA]
hi o/

Arist & Title:HAG-Colorful (Cut Ver.)
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1962079#mania/4066457
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): hard and easy

Thank u owo
Request(NM/GD): NM
Arist & Title: Miyuki (CV: Furukawa Makoto) & Fujiwara Chika (CV: Kohara Konomi) - My Nonfiction (TV Size)
Length: 1:27
Genre: Anime
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1976327#mania/4104841
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): Any you want but preferably normal or hard :D

Thank you!
Request(NM/GD): NM
Arist & Title: B-Komachi Ai (CV: Takahashi Rie) - Sign wa B - Ai Solo Ver.-
Length: 1:30
Genre: Anime/Jpop/Idol
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1979887#mania/4111030
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): any

Furr H

Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: Ardolf - Eternally Onward
Length: 2:13
Genre: Electronic
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1939644#mania/4010272
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): any

Thank you very much
Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: Suzuyu - Euphorium (Game Ver.)
Length: 2:06
Genre: Video Game (jpop)
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1981286#mania/4114117
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): any
Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: xi - Longinus
Length: 4:31
Genre: Electronic
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1973244#mania/4094713
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): One diff

Thanks in advance.
Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: kessoku band - Wasurete Yaranai
Length: 3:35
Genre: Anime Jpop
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1965533#mania/4075715
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): any

Request(NM/GD): NM
Arist & Title: AliA - Kakurenbo
Length: 4:51
Genre: jrock
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1951908
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): lower diff pls

Request : NM
Artist & Title : Teikyou - Mammal
Length: 2:30
Genre : Electro, Cat, J-core, Jcore
Beatmap Link: Mapset
Difficulty : Any
Request : NM

Artist and title: Kiyoshi Hikawa - Genkai Toppa X Survivor (TV Size)

Length : 1:22

Genre : Anime

Beatmap link : beatmapsets/1978601#mania/4107753

Difficulty : All of them

Thanks <3
Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: ACE (TOMOri Kudo / CHiCO) - Halland / Dalarna
Length: 3:04
Genre: Electronic/Piano (im bad at genres)
Link: beatmapsets/1982247#mania/4116543
Difficulty: Any difficulty
Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)
- You'll always find your way back home(Cut ver.)
Length: 2:31
Genre: pop
Link: beatmapsets/1865782#mania/4114271
Difficulty: The 2 advanced diff

Note: This is NOT going for ranked, but this is highly experimental, so I would be appreciate for any feedbacks!
Request(NM/GD): nm
Artist & Title: Akiri - Star Drain
Length: 1:52
Genre: melodic hardcore
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1976493#mania/4102563
Difficulty (What difficulties you want me to mod): any, but preferably the top 2 diffs

thank you!!
Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: Curt Blakeslee - Beatdown (Strider Style)
Length: 2:30
Genre: Electronic
Link: beatmapsets/1981899#mania/4115517
Difficulty: COOL

Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) (Cut Ver.)
Length: 2:10
Genre: Drum and Bass (Electronic)
Link: beatmapsets/1972977
Difficulty: any

Thanks in advance!
Request: NM
Artist & Title: Nothing But Requiem with Museo - Pentiment
Length: 2:36
Genre: Gabber
Link: beatmapsets/1889188#mania/3901067
Difficulty: Present (3.28*)
Artist & Title: A*ZU*NA - Infinity! Our wings!! (TV Size)
Link: beatmapsets/1977936#mania/4106047

Request(NM/GD): NM
Artist & Title: Renard - Gabberse Town
Length: 1:27
Genre: Gabber
Link: beatmapsets/1947714#mania/4030278
Difficulty: Insane or Extra Town
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