[CTB] Fruit Loops Tournament 2 (10k-∞,BR) (CLOSED)

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Fruit Loops Tournament 2 is an osu!catch battle royale tournament, aimed to bring the tournament experience for beginner players.
The first iteration was a private tournament, and hence this iteration after some tweaking is now open to all!

Main Sheet | Player Registration | Staff Registration | Rules | Twitch | Discord

  1. This is an international, battle royale, osu!catch tournament for the rank range #10k-∞.
  2. All maps will be played with Score V2 and NF.
  3. Registration starts at 21st April 2023, 00:00 UTC and ends at 1st May 2023 23:59 UTC. No registrations will be accepted after the deadline.
  4. All schedules will be in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time)
  5. Suspicious accounts and badged players (for CTB) may be removed from the tournament.
  6. All players must join the discord, you are required to change your server nickname to your osu! username for the duration of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in your registration being removed.
  7. Registered players can choose a lobby from the default schedule to play in. Top 1/2 from each lobby will make it to the final round.
  8. There are no restrictions for Streamers and Commentators with respect to participating in the tournament.

  1. The mappool will be provided to players at the start of the week.
  2. Lobbies will be done in the Battle Royale format. All bracket lobbies will be run between 6th and 7th May, 2023.
  3. A Final lobby has been added due to increased number of registrations, to be held on the weekend of 13th-14th May 2023.
  4. There will be no bans allowed on any of the maps. All maps must be played till there is only one player left, per lobby.
  5. A referee will create a multiplayer room 15 minutes in advance. Players should join when invited.
  6. Room settings are catch!, Head to Head, Win Condition: 'ScoreV2'. Room name must be "FLT2 : (Lobby) vs (#LobbyNumber)”.
  7. If a player doesn’t show for 10 minutes after the start time of the lobby, the player is considered to have forfeited.
  8. Beatmap selection will be done by RNG by the referee by using !roll [insert number of maps in mappool remaining].
  9. The only standing players from each lobby must be made to face each other off in a separate lobby. (Final Lobby)
  10. Any information not found on the forum post can be found on the rules document.

Registrations: 21st April 2023 - 1st May 2023
Bracket Rounds: 6th-7th May 2023
Final Round: 13th-14th May

🥇1st Place: 4 months osu!supporter + profile banner
🥈2nd Place: 2 months osu!supporter + profile banner
🥉3rd Place: 1 month osu!supporter + profile banner

If you are interested in contributing to the prize pool please contact raybean#3625 on Discord!

The time has come.
Fruitloops all taste the same
They do
im down with all this but why are there actual fruits on the gfx?
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Cartoonknight wrote:

im down with all this but why are there actual fruits on the gfx?
My dreams died when i noticed i didnt missread the #1k as #10k and that it was actually #10k
as- gonna win
Cute tourney!
his everything
I'll be the winner... what wha-
Wish this was around when I started :') Good luck to everyone that participates!
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crashshot wrote:

Wish this was around when I started :') Good luck to everyone that participates!
<3 happy to be able to do that for current players!
aww :)
Fruit Loops are healthy. Join this Battle today.
Sadly I can’t participate because I’m 4 digit now :(
Wimpy Cursed
I guess I have a reason to play ctb now.

I am going to play a few maps and see where my rank really goes before signing up though
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