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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, September 18, 2009 at 11:55:55 AM

Artist: DJ Sharpnel
Title: Solitude Sun
Source: Stepmania Heavy Classics
Tags: stepmania ddr dj sharpnel trance j-trance solitude sun
BPM: 174.9
Filesize: 2232kb
Play Time: 01:48
Difficulties Available:
  1. Aphelion (4.98 stars, 267 notes)
  2. Parhelion (3.79 stars, 134 notes)

Download: DJ Sharpnel - Solitude Sun
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Hell, it's about time!

The timeless Stepmania insane classic, now in osu! format!

12/9 - Aphelion difficulty finished! 5-star insane equivalent. Parhelion (3-4star normal) is now being made.
12/9 - Trimmed out ninjer spinners.
13/9 - Parhelion difficulty added! 4-star normal/hard equivalent. KIAI FLASH! (Hitsounds on both Aphelion and Parhelion updated)
18/9 - Implemented Larto's suggestions and fixed unrankable slider (deleted kiai flash on Parhelion, standardized tick rate)
19/9 - Fixed slight positioning issues on Aphelion
IRC moddin' like a guy.
yes! more sharnpel music for osu! this map looks allready very fun

star :)
00:13:91 (1) - Suggestion: Add a finish.
00:45:56 - Redo break. It'll shorten a lot.

00:15:28 (1) - Spinner too short.
00:33:12 (8) - Suggestion: New combo.
01:31:27 (5) - ^

Nice job.
- Is the slider tick rate supposed to be different on the two difficulties? I'd prefer 1 for both diffs actually, but I'll leave that to you.
- Get an easier difficulty or make Parhelion a bit easier (By removing/combining the fast spinners for example)
- Make the Kiai more similar on both diffs (EXCEPT what I pointed out about Parhelion's Kiai)

00:15:27 (1) - Spinner way too short. Auto doesn't even get a bonus on it.
01:27:84 (3) - Unrankable slider. Impossible to see the direction AND the repeat is invisible.
01:32:80 (3) - It's hard to see that this is a slider while playing. You know, the score explosion of 01:31:95 (7) - is hiding the track.
01:37:43 (1,2) - Too closeeee

01:46:02 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - ARGH, remove the kiai fountains from these circles, that's way too overused ;(

EDIT: bubbled <3
I don't know what the hell your difficulty names are/mean but hey the beatmaps feel pretty natural. I almost FC'd the harder one and almost SS'd the easier one, sightreading. Not a fan of the copypasta at spots like 01:01:77 (5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6)...there wasn't even an effort to hide the copypasta there ;(

Oh well. Larto's bubble was apparently popped by one mystical force or another, so I'm going to rebubble it here. 's aright.

(Larto, rank it if you want to, but don't forget about wink wink nudge nudge and a yo ho ho)
Deny me the chance to give kudosu when I'm actually going to use your advice you you.. -grumbles-

I tried alternating that pattern in terms of direction and it just 'felt' odd. I tried to stay natural with this beatmap as much as I could, and the repeating rhythm in that bit led me to reciprocate that in the map itself.

But anyway, thank you for the feedback!
I can just hear the screams of "overlapping sliiideeeeerrrrrrs".
Don't mind me, i'm dropping a random diff xD

Download: DJ Sharpnel - Solitude Sun (Ephemeral) [CNF's Perihelion].osu
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