OSU MAPPING CARINDERIA | a filipino-exclusive osu!mapping contest

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OSU MAPPING CARINDERIA is an osu!standard Filipino-exclusive mapping contest that has two divisions: Pro and Rookie. This is inspired by osu! Fan Cafe Mapping Contest, which is a Korean-exclusive mapping contest with the same division concept.
Filipino-exclusive means that you have the Philippines flag in your osu!profile.
If you do not have the Philippines flag in your osu!profile but hold Filipino citizenship (or any form of valid IDs), you may send it to my dms in order to participate.

  1. Only one entry is allowed per participant.
  2. The entry’s difficulty must be above 4 stars.
  3. Storyboards, videos, and backgrounds can be added but will not be included during the judging phase.
  4. The entry must abide by the ranking criteria.
  5. The entry must be solely mapped and hitsounded by one person.
  6. Do not change the offset of the map. In the case there are timing issues, message flake about immediately.
  7. Do not leak your entry. This includes (but is not limited to) uploading it to BSS or sharing clips, .osz, or .osu files to other people. This is to avoid judge bias.
  8. You are only required to map within the bookmarks. Mapping objects outside the bookmarks is optional and will not be included for judging.

Division System
  1. There are 2 divisions, the ‘Pro’ division and the ‘Rookie’ division.
  2. Contestants with a ranked mapset or ranked guest difficulty prior to the announcement of this contest will be classified as a ‘Pro’ division contestant.
  3. Contestants that do not match the professional criteria are classified as a ‘Rookie’ division contestant.
  4. Points 2 and 3 above will be based on the start of the submission phase.
  5. Contestants are to compete within their respective divisions.
  6. Contestants may only submit one beatmap, regardless of difficulty. Once the contest had concluded, the
  7. winner will map additional difficulties to complete a full mapset. Guest difficulties are allowed for completing the mapset.

Judging Criteria
  1. Creativity [30 points]
    1. How the entry stands out amongst its peers
  2. Musical Representation [30 points]
    1. How cohesive the mapping concepts are to the music
  3. Execution [30 points]
    1. The clarity and sensibility of ideas involved
  4. Hitsounding [10 points]
    1. The effectiveness of the hitsounds used and if there are hitsounds

  1. Winner: 2 months discord nitro, winner role
  2. 2nd: 1 month discord nitro, runner-up discord role
  3. 3rd: runner-up discord role

  1. February 26: Forum Announcement
  2. February 28 to March 27: Songs Reveal + Mapping Stage
  3. March 27: Submission Deadline + Judging Stage
  4. April 3: Judging Deadline
  5. April 7: Results
*Subject to change

  1. Submissions will be done by sending the .osz file to the email

Organizers: flake 🇵🇭, newton- 🇵🇭, Atipir 🇰🇷, Enon 🇰🇷, Amateurre 🇵🇭
Judges: achyoo 🇸🇬, cotton__123 (Heilia) 🇰🇷, Dailycare 🇰🇷, newton- 🇵🇭, Ralkinson 🇺🇸, olc (overload_code) 🇺🇸
Ayesha Altugle
they cooked (ulam)
ano ang niluluto niya?
any epe
Hayaan niyo siyang magluto 😤😤💯💯🔥‼️
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