[STD] [REGS CLOSED] Quag's Low AR Tournament II [40k-99k] | 2v2 ts2

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  1. This is an international osu! standard 2vs2 tournament with team size 2 for the 40k-99k rank range.
  2. This is a double elimination tournament with 16 teams qualifying.
  3. Mappools will consist of 5 brackets: Nomod, Hidden, Easy Doubletime, Easy, and Halftime.
    1. All maps in the tournament will have AR no higher than 8.
  4. All staff and players must join the Discord server by the end of player registrations; otherwise, your registration is void.
  5. All times and dates will be in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
  6. 50% of the total amount of money donated will go as a direct donation towards the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organization. Consider donating here!

Complete rules can be found here.
General Rules
  1. All players must be in the rank range at the end of registrations.
  2. Free agents that don't find a team will be paired by similar timezones.
  3. ScoreV2 and NoFail will be enabled in all matches.
  4. The tournament will start with a qualifiers round, then the top 16 teams will advance to the double-elimination bracket rounds.
  5. Match schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday before those matches are played.
  6. Hosts, Playtesters/Replayers, and Referees are NOT allowed to play in this tournament. However Streamers and Commentators ARE allowed to play.
  7. Reschedules must be made at least 6 hours before the scheduled match time and 24 hours before the new match time. Reschedules submitted within either of these time windows are not likely to be accepted except in extreme cases under the discretion of the hosts.
  8. Hosts reserve the right to report any and all suspicious player activity to osu! staff for further instructions on possible disqualification of said players during the course of the tournament. Should this result in disqualification, this may lead to replays of affected rounds.
  9. Hosts reserve the right to ban or remove any players whose conduct is bannable on Discord and Twitch from participation in the tournament.
  10. Hostile behavior against any member of the staff or any participant in this tournament is not allowed at any time, and upon further examination, may or may not result in the player’s disqualification from the tournament.
  1. Registered teams will be notified through the Discord server to sign up for various qualifier lobbies that will be scheduled throughout the weekend.
  2. At least 10 minutes before the qualifier lobby, the assigned referee will make the lobby and ping the players in the Discord server. Players should be online in-game to receive their invites.
  3. Teams have up to 10 minutes after the scheduled lobby time to be present in the lobby. If a player fails to join the lobby after the 10 minutes pass, the team must resign their participation in the particular qualifiers lobby but may sign up for another one.
  4. No warmup will be played.
  5. The mappool will be played through once in order in each qualifier lobby.
  6. Players must play maps continuously from Nomod 1 to HalfTime 1 in their chosen lobby. Players are not allowed to join and leave multiple times to play only a few maps.
  7. Qualifier results and MP links will not be released until all qualifier lobbies have finished.
  8. Qualifiers results will be ordered from highest to lowest average relative score. The average relative score for each team is the average of the relative scores (team score / max score) across all maps in the qualifiers round for that particular team.

Bracket Stages
  1. At least 10 minutes before the match, the assigned referee will make the lobby and ping the captains in the discord server about their match. Captains should be online in-game to receive their invites.
  2. Teams have a strict 10 minute grace period after the scheduled match time to be present in the lobby. If 10 minutes pass and a player has not joined the lobby, the opposing team will receive a win by default.
  3. No warm ups will be played.
  4. At the start of the match, the referee will instruct captains to !roll. The winner of the roll chooses either the pick order or the ban order, and the loser chooses the remaining order (ex: Team A wins the roll and chooses to ban second, which means Team B will ban first and get to choose to pick first or second).
  5. Banned maps are not allowed to be picked by any team in the entire match.
  6. For rounds that require 2 bans from each team, bans will be conducted with the snake draft system, i.e. bans will proceed in ABBA order (Team A bans first, then Team B bans twice, and then Team A bans second).
  7. Teams are given 2 minutes to determine each ban upon instruction from the referee. If they fail to ban in the allotted time, the ban is given to the other team. This will have no effect on the ban order afterwards.
  8. Double banning from the same mod category is allowed.
  9. Double picking from the same mod category is allowed.
  10. Each team has 2 minutes to pick a map. If they fail to pick in the allotted time, the pick is given to the other team. This will have no effect on the pick order afterwards.
  11. NoFail will be enforced on every map.
  12. Tiebreakers will be played using freemod. Players may either play with nomod or with hidden.
  13. After a team picks a map, all players have 90 seconds to ready up for the map. If a player has not readied up within the 90 seconds, the referee holds rights to force start the map.
  14. In case of a genuine disconnection in the first 30 seconds of the map, the map may be replayed ONCE. One replay is allowed in a match per team. The player who disconnected has 5 minutes to reconnect. If the time allotted has passed and the player has not re-joined, then the match will be forfeited and the opposing team will receive the win.
  15. If a player disconnects on the same map twice in a row or on 2 different maps, the point will be automatically awarded to the other team. This is to prevent abuse through manually leaving the game after missing on a map.
  16. Disconnections after 30 seconds will not trigger a replay.
  17. Lag is not a valid reason for replaying a map.
  18. If a beatmap ends in a draw, the map will be nullified and replayed. This replay will not be counted as a replay caused by disconnection.
  19. The numbers of picks and bans are as follows:
    1. Round of 16 will be best of 9 (first to 5) and will have 1 ban.
    2. Quarterfinals and Semifinals will be best of 11 (first to 6) and will have 1 ban.
    3. Finals and Grand Finals will be best of 13 (first to 7) and will have 2 bans.

Registrations: January 16 - February 5 23:59UTC
Qualifiers: February 18 - February 19
RO16: February 25 - February 26
Quarterfinals: March 4 - March 5
Semifinals: March 11 - March 12
Finals: March 18 - March 19
Grand Finals: March 25 - March 26

First Place Team:
20% of prizepool,
1x symbolic pet adoption kit of an animal of your choice (worth $60),
Profile badge pending

Second Place Team:
20% of prizepool

Third Place Team:
10% of prizepool

Tournament Report Link

This is so Good
a tournament in my rank range this is unbelievable
NO WAY!!!! ITS FLOPPA FROM THE OSU GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mega based 1st place prize pool
Crystal Enjoyer
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Stomiks wrote:

Mega based 1st place prize pool
on god
floppa why did you made it 2v2 to2 :skull:
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respective wrote:

floppa why did you made it 2v2 to2 :skull:
so some EZ goat can carry your goofy ahh
Pot2fleur T-T
No wayyyy !!! a british tournament !
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Pot2fleur T-T wrote:

No wayyyy !!! a british tournament !
Wrong tourney it seems lmao
-- Waffle --
I date derankers :>
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-- Waffle -- wrote:

I date derankers :>
I date mappers :>
i really wanted to participate this tourney😭
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RAiMEi_BOTTliUM wrote:

i really wanted to participate this tourney😭
derank quickly! (or join the staff team)
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bump uwu
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