Gomitaro - Thank you ppv2 (extend?)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, 26 January 2023 at 4:11:09 pm

Artist: Gomitaro
Title: Thank you ppv2 (extend?)
Tags: taiko osu!taiko funny enchiladas kawaiibass gomitarou gomi taro claris colorful tamame apostate remix expander move that body mitsunori ikeda feat aimee fallen angel el poco maro chino minase inori mahou shoujo nenpulse bootleg zytokine dancing dollz cold kiss redalice kasai harcores trinity homerun cycle hit freezer kiichigo berry go riot overkill our stolen theory united laos l.a.o.s nog aether ritual nanahira monosugoi space shuttle de koishi ga uta fripside last fortune pocotan egoist the everlasting guilty crown etia hardcore dj sharpnel fake promise aqours thank you friends ginka*ex farewell remix kaneko chiharu whiteout feryquitous sennzai koe orangentle yu_asahina haelequin extended sampling masters mega tatsh weave detonator s3rl t-t-techno jesskah sawano hiroyuki gemie x.u. camellia light it up exit this earth's atomosphere planetary 200step we luv lama electronic instrumental カラフル 魔法少女チノ 物凄いスペースシャトルでこいしが物凄いうた 声
BPM: 230
Filesize: 12842kb
Play Time: 06:52
Difficulties Available:
  1. Welcome to osu! (7.7 stars, 2982 notes)

Download: Gomitaro - Thank you ppv2 (extend?)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
collab with funny
I realized that This is The best BG. Any others can't be what I want.
Low resoultion only means it. All of this meets this song.
You can delete this, remove this, exchange this, but can't force me to change.
However no one agree with me

by Sing

bn: Luscent/Keitaro-

Song List (he did 🐩 i did 🦆)
🐩1 ClariS Colorful
🦆2 Expander Move That Body
🐩3 Mitsunori Ikeda feat. Aimee B Fallen Angel
🐩4 Chino Mahou Shoujo Chino
🐩5 ZYTOKINE Dancing Dollz
🐩6 KASAI HARCORES Trinity Homerun - funny
🦆8 Freezer feat. Kiichigo Berry Go!!
🐩9 RIOT Overkill
🐩10 Our Stolen Theory United (L.A.O.S Remix)
🚫11 Nog Aether Ritual
🐩12 Nanahira Monosugoi Space Shuttle de Koishi ga Monosugoi Uta
🐩13 fripSide Last Fortune
🦆14 EGOIST The Everlasting Guilty Crown
🦆16 Aqours Thank you, FRIENDS!!
🦆17 Kaneko Chiharu WHITEOUT
🚫18 Feryquitous feat. Sennzai Koe
🦆19 orangentle / Yu_Asahina HAELEQUIN (Extended ver.)
🐩20 Sampling Masters MEGA & Tatsh Weave Detonator
🦆21 DJ S3RL T-T-Techno (feat. Jesskah)
🦆22 SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Gemie x.U. (ETIA. Hardcore Bootleg Remix)
🐩23 Camellia Light it up
🐩24 Camellia Exit This Earth's Atomosphere
🦆25 Camellia Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's "PLANETARY//200STEP" Remix)
🦆26 DJ Sharpnel WE LUV LAMA
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