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oh...i must the last one Q.Q

Hatsune Miku - Merry-Merry-

hope this queue is still running ><
and thanks!!
I like this song :) I hope you like it too ;)
Jervy Hou & Bri Heart - This Christmas

I just need a BAT to bubble and a Taiko BAT. I have someone who can rank it already.

Utada Hikaru - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
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We're going to close this queue soon in a few days. I'm not sure if we can take care of the recent late submissions. So don't expect too much if you still request a mod here now!
My map was Bubbled
please move to Bubbled list

My map has Bubbled
please move to Bubbled list~ :3

Would need every help I can still get!

Thanks a bunch.
Konei and my maps can both be moved to bubbled
I don't think this needs to be stated, but this queue will close on Christmas Day (in some time period in the world that has not yet been decided). After that, we will try to clean up the bubbled maps on the queue, and close up the queue for good.

In advance, thanks to all the modders who helped make this Christmas season so successful. While we couldn't finish the entire list, we got a significant amount done, so for that, I and many others are thankful.
I guess I'm late but I'll try x__x Don't mod hitsounds yet pls owo
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reached the rank limit for today! Hope we can rank more in 6~ hours...
move my map on pending ><
uhh I'm late too :c well never hurts to try

Here's my map ;c it's pretty sort though :/
Need a help with encoding a video (

I'd really appreciate it :>
Move mine to bubbled
Gero someone BAT can check it :c Please!
Minato Yukina

pure ctb only mapset.
Moon Dancer
Requesting Taiko BAT check~
Well with Christmas basically over for everyone, I will now say the queue is finally closed. What is going to happen with the rest of the maps on the queue is still undecided. However, let me again give my thanks to all the modders who modded in the queue. You have no idea how much Chistmas spirit and cheer you spread during this season. Even if you don't care much about Christmas, I can tell people were touched by the work you did in this queue. Thank you!

(We are also in the middle of analyzing what happened to the queue as time progressed, so we hope to learn from our mistakes and make queues like these a greater success in the future)
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