[4K] Maxim's and EimitMaggi's duo modding queue (CLOSED)

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Welcome to Maxim-Miau's and EimitMaggi999's Modding Queue!


General request rules
- Request only 4k
- Be able to deal with criticism
- Make sure your map is completed ready to get mods
- We only accept maps that go for rank
- Include the secret word!

If the preferences don't match with your map, there is still a chance we might accept it.

Maxim-Miau's preferences
- Anime songs (if able to connect feelings with it: e.g. Yuru Yuri)
- (Heavy) Metal / Rock (preferably English)
- Electronic (e.g. DnB)
- Anything that has cool/powerful vocals
- Short maps or simple maps
- No memes
- No SV
- Simple LN (not too complex)
- No dump (too unfamiliar with modding dump yet)

EimitMaggi999's preferences
- Long > Short
- Electronic, Neurofunk, DnB
- Metal
- Powerful vocals
- No Beginner-Easy-Normal spread maps
- No SR limit (make sure the song supports 5*+ difficulties)
- Unusual > generic mapping

Request format
Artist - Title:
Map Link:
Special note:

Secret word
Don't forget to type ''Kiwi'' when requesting your map!

ERA medium kek
Artist - Title: Mili - Paper Bouquet (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1841442#mania/3786605
Length: 1:28
Diff(s): any but preferably hard/top diff
Special note: vocal dump

Artist - Title: UVERworld - Core Pride (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1880084#mania/3870455
Length: 1:28 minuten
Diff(s): am besten alle wenn nicht easy und hell fire
Special note: würde es halt gerne ranken lassen in ferner zukunft (wenn jingo jungle durch ist) und joa kenne euch eh schon also hätte ich eh angebettelt xD oh ja wahrscheinlich semi vocal dump

Artist - Title: The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY - Pinky! Pinky!
Map Link: beatmapsets/1879587#mania/3869484
Length: 3:36
Diff(s): Hard and Insane(I Trust You)
Special note: Japanese rock

Furr H

Artist - Title: Miyoshi Tomoki - Main Theme
Map Link: beatmapsets/1879520#mania/3872693
Length: 2:45
Diff(s): Any
Special note: Piano and Violin Focus

Kiwi 🥝

Thank you very much
Artist - Title: technoplanet - Inscape [Extended Mix]
Map Link: beatmapsets/1857618#mania/3842859
Length: 2:52
Diff(s): any diffs you can!
Special note: top diff -> mostly LN patterns thanks in advanced yay

Kiwi :o
Artist - Title: THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Lips
Map Link: beatmapsets/1822152#mania/3739030
Length: 4:40
Diff(s): no specific diff but preferably the easier ones
Special note: your average theoralcigarettes map,

good luck 👍
totally not something related to the q
god i didnt know kiwi birds are this big
hello, Kiwi

Artist - Title: IZ*ONE - Panorama
Map Link: beatmapsets/1864149#mania/3833631
Length: 3:40
Diff(s): other than 4K normal since it still has unaddressed mod
Special note: top diff is LN map, if anyone can give feedback would be highly appreciated uwu

thanks have a nice Kiwi day
Artist - Title: saaa + kei_iwata + stuv + waka dori - New York Back Raise
Map Link: beatmapsets/1868795
Length: 2:26
Diff(s): Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Another 【 Modding any diff u prefer to ;)】
Special note: The Another is SV heavy. But that diff is quite similar to Insane.

Artist - Title: 葉月ゆら - confession -蜜薬ランガージュ-
Map Link: beatmapsets/1835978#mania/3812138
Length: 03:33
Diff(s): H/I
Special note: for ranked mapset. thank you in advance <3
Artist - Title: dphdmn - back in qua
Map Link: beatmapsets/1870734#mania/3848926
Length: 1:26
Diff(s): Time Traveler (Hard) or Normal
Special note: Simple LN-map, instrumental

hello kiwi owo//

Artist - Title: Hari - Gwiyomi Song
Map Link: beatmapsets/1877866#mania/3865561
Length: 2:41
Diff(s): Sweet Cute Song
Special note: Simple vocal map Korean song

Thanks kiwi owo
Artist - Title: Beach Bunny
Map Link: beatmapsets/1793566#mania/3677634
Length: 1:03
Diff(s): Easy, Normal
Special note: Falls ihr mal nix zu tun habt xd (brauch ich eigentlich noch eine difficuly für ranked?)


hello (owo)

Artist - Title: Bai Sha JAWS - Dive Back In Time (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1577922#mania/3222081
Length: 0:57
Diff(s): any (but prefer top diff, rewind)
Special note: map focuses on a bit more advanced LN, but nothing too complex, has quite a few weird snaps also

thanks~ oh and kiwi
hi there~

Artist - Title: HoneyComeBear - Wasurekaze
Map Link: beatmapsets/1853080#mania/3807564
Length: 3:57
Diff(s): 1 diff only
Special note: need for pattern mod

edit* forgot to say "kiwi" ;w;
Hi o/

Artist - Title: Tamura Yukari - W:Wonder Tale (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1883928#mania/3878805
Length: 1:29
Diff(s): ENHI
Special note: New map for rank, LN for vocal in kiai on hard and full LN for vocal on top diff

Thanks, Kiwi :)
Aloo ^^

Artist - Title: Afillia Saga - S.M.L* (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1877657#mania/3864889
Length: 1:27
Diff(s): E N H H I
Special note: Kiwi. Any Feedback, Welcome

Thx U UwU
Artist - Title: Kobaryo - Villain Virus ft. Camellia
Map Lin K : beatmapsets/1326472#mania/2883871
Length: 4:25
Diff(s): Insane (~5,8*)
Special note: Hey!, I hope density of the map is not going to be a problem. About this d I ff specifically i like the pattering but i think it doesn't have consistency/structure so, i don't know if that's the problem or maybe it's the patterns. there's some tech and ln parts. Any W ays i consider the aforementioned the main problem. Even so, any feedback I t's ok, thx in advance!
srry for my english
Yes, magic word is intrinsically included in the text
if rejected, pls, just some recomendations, i know i need to improve
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