[STD] CC9C | 3v3 (TS6) | 25k-75k (Team Regs Closed) (Staff Regs Closed)

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Hello and welcome to the Cranking Crazy 90s Cup (CC9C) :)

This tournament is a 3v3 osu!Standard tournament that is Double Elimination.
This tournament will consist of 32 teams
The maximum amount of players on a team is 6; the minimum and required amount is 3 players per team.
There is a 1k rank buffer, meaning 24k is the max rank, and 76k is the minimum rank that are allowed to participate.
The matches will be Team VS in the ScoreV2 score setting.
Please understand there will be no async matches during the tournament.
Staff may NOT participate in this tourney, and players once eliminated may not become staff (srry)
Map pool reveals will be on the Sunday after all matches have been completed for the weekend.
Rschedules must have a screenshot of both your Team Captain, and your opponents Team Captain agreeing to the time change. (If players would like an example, let me know in the discord and I will provide one)
Reschedules can be made in the #reschdules channel in the tourney discord.
Your team captain and teammates MUST be in the discord to participate. If one player from the team is not present in the server, disqualifications for the whole team may be considered.


NF and ScoreV2 are required on all maps.
During qualifiers, 3 people from a team must be present. Teammates may switch out for their own teammates, as long as 3 from the same team are present.
The qualifiers maps will consist of 4 NoMod, 2 Hidden, 2 Hardrock, and 2 Double Time
The average score will from every map will be put further into a final score.
The top 32 teams will continue to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage

NF and ScoreV2 will be required for every map.
Seeding is based off of qualifiers placements.
Bracket matchups are as follows: #1 vs #32 seed, #2 vs #31 seed, #3 vs #30 seed (Etc.)
Referees will create a lobby 10 minutes before the lobby starts, invites will be sent 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
If there are not at least 3 people by the time of the match, a 15 minute timer will be started.
After 10 minutes, your team will lose your bans. After 15 minutes, your team will forfeit your match to the opposing team.
If bothTeam Captains approve a warmup, 2 warmup matches will be played, with the leader of the lobby going to both team captains.
The warmup maps must not exceed 4:00 in length.
Team Captains have the final say in whichever map will be picked. The players that are not team captain cannot ban or pick.
The Team Captains will also be the only one of the team to receive an invite, the team captians then will have to invite their teammates to the lobby.
Warmups will be offered to each team captain. If one team denies a warmup but the other approves, there will only be one warmup; the leader of the lobby goes to the team captain who approved a warmup.
After warmups are complete, the rolling process begins. In which the team captains will type the "!roll" command in the lobby. This will roll a number between 1 and 100, and the team with the highest rolled number will be the first to ban/pick depending on what the team captain decides.
If the winning team of the roll decides to ban first, the loser of the roll will pick first, and vice versa.
Ban Order will go in order of ABABAB
Teams will have one ban in Ro32/Ro16, two bans in QF/SF, and finally three in F/GF
Team captains will have 120 seconds to pick or ban a map. If the time is exceeded, your team will forfeit the pick or ban.
Double Picking and Double Banning are not allowed, this includes NoMod.
If a disconnection occurs during a map, the map will be replayed on first offence. On second offence, the map will not be replayed.
Picking maps will also go in a ABABAB pattern.
During a Freemod (FM) pick, 2 players on each team will be required to pick different mods. The 3rd player may pick any mod, including NM and other mods that have been chosen by their teammates. Mod choices are HD, HR, HDHR, EZ, and EZHD.
One player on a team may choose to play NM, however the choice of overmodding is allowed.
If there is a tie with no maps left to play, there will be a Tie Breaker (TB).
TB will be Freemod as well, but mods are not required.
Once the match is finished, you may leave the lobby.

1st place: 2 months of supporter + osu!Banner (for each player)

2nd place: 1 month of supporter + osu!Banner (for each player)

3rd place: osu!banner (for each player)

Registrations | Now - December 8th
Screening | December 9th - 10th/11th
Qualifiers | 6* | December 17th - 18th
Ro32 | 5.5* | January 7th - 8th
Ro16 | 5.7* | January 14th - January 15th
QF | 6* | January 21th - 22th
SF | 6.15* | January 28th - 29th
F | 6.3* | February 4tht - 5th
GF | 6.45* | February 11th - 12th

Host: {Shogeki}

Admins: {lushiii} | {PNXK1ller} | {Sincool} | {inseyy} | {Le Mru} | {Rekunan} | {Shofty} | {xDiEJuNgfRAu}

Referees: {Sincool} | {Sedi} | {SpisEMay0} | {inseyy} | {Shofty} | {Toshee} | {vleth} | {Axeanz} | {-- Waffle --}

Map Poolers: {Shogeki} | {PNXK1ller} | {lushiii} | {Sincool} | {crowwly} | {Shofty} | {javacafe} | {-Vell} | {NeonMarijuana} | {-- Waffle --}

GFX: {Le Mru} | {xDiEJuNgfRAu}

Sheeters: {Rekunan} | {Sincool}

Mappers: {quantumvortex} | {NeonMarijuana} | {Ixcors} | {siiyu} | {Shogeki}

Streamers: {lushiii} | {Sedi}

Commentators: {lushiii} | {SpisEMay0} | {Shogeki} | {Shima Shima} | {HotdogSlurper44}

Playtesters: {SpisEMay0} | {-Vell} | {javacafe} | {Axeanz} | {-- Waffle --}
25-50 is a better rank range imo leave 50 and beyond due to skill but that being said thanks for tourney im excited to see how it plays out!
Based tournament
1 25k+ range tourney last year, 4 25k+ range in just the last month wtf
Hypeeeee :D
Lets gooo
if only i was 3k ranks lower
based tourney
best tournament in the world ong ong
skrr skrr
This is gonna be sick
Oh yeah yeah cranking the crazy yeah
cough fart
is this a tournament?

ChefBradley wrote:

is this a tournament?
Can I compete in this Tournament?

nazuna1 wrote:

Can I compete in this Tournament?
Unfortunately, no. You are not in the required rank range to enter.
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