[Mapping Contest] Mapping to Pander: Taiko #3 (Results out!)

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Welcome to the 3rd iteration of Mapping to Pander: Taiko!

Mapping to Pander (M2P) is a contest with two primary features: there is only one judge, and you may map any song.

Your goal in this contest is simple: you must create a map that panders best to the chosen judge for the contest. The judge will not be given any criteria; it will be up to them how they score and rank the entries, either by making their own criteria, or simply sorting them from best to worst.

Each iteration of the contest will have a different judge, with different tastes and criteria from the last.

There will be a few rules to abide by, but for the most part you are free to submit whatever song and map you desire.

NEW: the Pander Points system

In order to commemorate mappers that perform excellently across many iterations, we're introducing a path to 3 tiers of badges!

Each iteration will award points to the top 3 contestants. The points are awarded as follows:
- 1st place: 3 points
- 2nd place: 2 points
- 3rd place: 1 point

Pander Points reward users with a profile badge, which can be upgraded at certain thresholds:
- 9 points: Tier 1
- 18 points: Tier 2
- 27 points: Tier 3

The points leaderboard can be seen in the Wiki page or the Discord server.


The judge for this iteration of the contest will be taiko's resident NAT and self-proclaimed CEO, radar!

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria is determined by the judge. For this iteration, radar has stated the following:

radar wrote:

Entry Rules

- All entries must be submitted as .osz files.

- It is recommended that you use to upload your entry.
Using other file sharing services can risk your entry not being accessible, which would result in disqualification.

- Your map must be an osu!taiko map.

- You must submit only ONE difficulty.

- Songs must not exceed 6:00 minutes of length.

We're going to have a bit of leeway in cases where the song is really close to the 6-minute mark.

- All submissions must abide by the Ranking Criteria.

- Maps must NOT be uploaded / shared with others before judging and results are announced.

- Submissions will not be accepted after the deadlines.

Heavy and continuous violation of these rules can result in a ban/blacklist from all future iterations of this, or other osu!taiko related community contests.


In order to submit an entry for this contest, you have to submit it through the Mappers' Guild Contest Listing, and join the Discord server
(Contact Hivie if you want to revoke your submission.)


- Beatmapping Phase: Sep 28nd -> Oct 12th 00:00 UTC+0 (2 weeks for the lazy)
- Judging Phase: Oct 12th -> TBD
- Results: TBD

Times can be subject to change depending on the circumstances, all schedule updates will be posted on the server.


1st Place: 3 Pander Points + 4mo supporter + a drawing + Ranked Status*
2nd Place: 2 Pander Points + 2mo supporter + radar's Gawr Gura wallet
3rd Place: 1 Pander Point + 1mo supporter + a headpat

*: Hivie and radar will check and push the map to ranked if the mapper wants to, and if they get the necessary diffs to form a rankable spread when needed.

Massive thanks to aceticke for sponsoring this iteration!


Massive thanks to Tanza3D for the banner and badge design!

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