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like is there any specific types of maps i should play or any other advice to make adapting to the tablet easier? i got it a few days ago, i think i've found a good area, but holy it feels like i'll never reach my mouse skill level with this thing, not that it was high in the first place or that i'll go back, but gah damn. anything is appreciated
my pro tip is to switch back to mouse
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i was gettin nowhere with a mouse tho. not that i'm saying going to tablet makes me go crazy but i think in the long run i'll be better off if i actually learn how to use this mf

It helps you to adapt to your pentab more quickly.

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When I started playing with tablet my biggest issue was not getting down the muscle memory, it was making precise movements with my fingers and controlling the shake. I used full area because the bigger the area, the easier it was to aim. After some time my shoulder started hurting and I couldn't play like I used to because of that, so I decided to try a smaller area and stuck with it because my arm and shoulder stopped hurting.

Something had changed since the last time I had tried using a smaller area. My fingers had grown stronger. My grip was more firm and that made it so much easier to do precise movements. If you feel uncomfortable when playing, you should try to think of how you can make it more comfortable. Be creative and you might discover something that helps a lot.
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