[STD] [Staff Regs Open] [2v2 TS4] [120k-60k w 5K buffer] PsychedlicMush's Winter Tournament

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Discord || Main Sheet || Twitch || Staff / Mapper Signup || Ko-Fi

This is the 2nd iteration of PsychedelicMush's Tournaments. This tournament is going to be a 2v2 ts4 120-60k with BWS for screening. We decided to add a 5k rank buffer due to the new rework, so 55k can now also play! You must be in the discord to participate, which is in the links above^. You can also find the main sheet to see your matchups and seeds etc, our twitch where you can watch all the matches that we stream live, our Ko-Fi is also there.

All Ko-Fi donations will go straight into the prize pool, it also may go towards paying certain staff members such as our GFX artist and other staff! of course it is not needed but greatly appreciated, our appreciation to you will be shown with a customised banner for the current iteration of PMT!

PMT aims to create a competitive space that is enjoyable for both staff and players, please help us do this by being respectful of all players and staff, not instigating any malicious rivalry, although friendly rivalry can often help make your experience a little more fun! If you intend to sign up as staff I encourage you to talk with fellow staff and make some friends! who knows, maybe your friendship will outlast PMWT! Thank you to all players and staff who signup and I, as well as my fellow co-host hope you have a great experience during PMWT.

Any questions at all, please message PsychedelicMush in-game or contact me through PsychedelicMush#1980 on discord, or alternatively message Coppertine at Coppertine#1718 on discord and we will be far more than happy to answer and concerns or questions, Thanks!

(any SAFST participants, I hope u enjoy the much improved quality :D)

The staff roles that are open for signups are for:
  1. Referee
  2. Commentator
  3. Streamer
  4. Play Tester
  5. Map pooler
  6. Statistician
  7. Sheeter
  8. Mapper
If you are are or want to be in any of these roles, fill out the staff registration form.
Certain staff members may also play within the tournament, these roles being:
  1. Referee
  2. Commentator
  3. Streamer
Host: Coppertine』『 PsychedelicMush
Co-Host: Rinea
Admin: Kirania』『 Rinea』『 PsychedelicMush
GFX: Coppertine』『 Cloudical』『 ana_rchy
Sheeter: Coppertine』『 PsychedelicMush』『 Rekunan
Statistician: Rekunan
Mappooler: Coppertine』『 Kirania』『 FFluff』『 Naw Nvm
Mapper: wiwit
Tester: FFluff』『 Furry Method』『 YuCie』『 wolfflow11』『 Norwegian Vaxei』『 JayAreEee』『 Joon Yorigami』『 Raptide』『 994103』『 Annaki_』『 aqunyan1』『 Cittasnaf』『 MC_Conqueror』『 Naw Nvm』『 gatekeep』『 Macca
Referee: PsychedelicMush』『 ana_rchy』『 RITER_3000』『 ryanyaor』『 Furry Method』『 YuCie』『 AbbeyChan6203』『 wolfflow11』『 Norwegian Vaxei』『 Outmod』『 Poonz』『 affirmedcheese』『 nabirra』『 Chronicler』『 YukiVanilla』『 Jameszlol』『 ShiruoX』『 Annaki_』『 luvtano』『 Sedi』『 gatekeep
Streamer: Coppertine』『 RITER_3000』『 affirmedcheese』『 The Rat』『 luvtano
Commentator: Coppertine』『 PsychedelicMush』『 AbbeyChan6203』『 Outmod』『 Poonz』『 affirmedcheese』『 994103』『 ShiruoX』『 The Rat』『 luvtano』『 Sedi』『 Macca

  1. 2v2 (Team Size 4)
  2. Free Agent's Allowed
  3. Rank Range: #60,000 - #120,000
  4. BWS will be used for screening
  5. Round of 64, Double Elimination (possible RO128 but very unlikely)
  6. All players must be present in the discord
  7. Throughout PMWT, please keep your nickname in the discord
    the same as your osu! username
  8. I hope you enjoy the massive rise in quality since the previous tournament thanks to experience and some brilliant new staff!
  9. Also please thank the staff and other players for making this tournament run, the staff are all amazing people and this isn't possible without them, and this wouldn't be happening without the players, so thanks :)

1st Place: 6 Months Supporter each + Profile Banner
2nd Place: 3 Months Supporter each + Profile Banner
3rd place: 2 Months Supporter each+ Profile Banner
These prizes can change depending on the donations on Ko-Fi, however the base prizes shown above will not change.

Registrations Open: 4th October 0 UTC
Registrations Close: 22nd November 13 UTC
Screening: 22nd Nov - 30th Nov
Qualifiers: 2nd Dec - 5th Dec 15 UTC
Round of 64: 9th Dec - 11th Dec
Round of 32 + L: 16th Dec - 18th Dec
Christmas + New Years Break: 19th Dec - 5th Jan (map pool will still drop)
Round of 16 + L: 6th Jan - 8th Jan
Quarter Finals + L: 13th Jan - 15th Jan
SemiFinals + L: 20th Jan - 22nd Jan
Finals + 3rd Place: 27th Jan - 29th Jan
Grand Finals + Reset: Feb 3rd - Feb 5th
this is, indeed, a tournament that psychedlicmush is hosting in the winter
Large rank range and damn large prize
i do not have a team for this *yet*

ShiruoX wrote:

i do not have a team for this *yet*
yet, :YEP:
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ShiruoX wrote:

i do not have a team for this *yet*
can always be a free agent worse case once regs open !
Should be interesting, I'll try to enter.
Chou Tzuyoda
someone carry me
RO32 starts on my birthday lmao this is :pog:
wtf is this rank range just do 50k or 70k
I was forced to...
January exams buff less gittit

ilia wrote:

wtf is this rank range just do 50k or 70k
this rank range is just 50k but i dont want to deal with 50k derankers
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ilia wrote:

wtf is this rank range just do 50k or 70k
what's wrong with 60k?
PsychedelicMush is holding me hostage help
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Poonz wrote:

PsychedelicMush is holding me hostage help
I told you not to tell anyone !!!!
it is so dark and cold in mush's basement wtf
Me when the mappool sr isnt out
Gonna smash some circles for sure 🥶😈
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Poonz wrote:

Me when the mappool sr isnt out
lol skill issue
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