REGS CLOSED | [STD] Anom4ly's Paranormal Cup | 50k-200k 3v3 team size 5

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Welcome to my first osu! tournament! This tournament will be for the standard gamemode and will be a 3v3 with a team size of 5. It'll be a pretty standard double-elimination tournament, with the twist of an extra pool testing some more uncommon skillsets, such as Aspire, High AR, 2B, EZ, and more!

Detailed rules and explanations can be found in the rules doc, but here are a few key highlights:
  1. All matches will be played with ScoreV2 and NoFail.
  2. There will be a rank buffer of 500 on the rank range.
  3. Players who are determined to be harmful for the competitive integrity of the tournament will be screened. (E.g. extreme derankers, suspicious accounts, tourney banned players, etc.)
  4. Poolers, playtesters, sheeters, admins, and obviously the host will not be allowed to play. Any other staff member (streamer, ref, etc.) may play if they fall within the rank range and other requirements.
The bracket will start at Round of 16 with seedings based on Qualifiers. If there are enough sign ups then I may add Round of 32.

Also, please read the rules doc. If you are looking for information that is not here then there is a 99% chance that it is in the rules doc. Please read the rules doc.
If you still have a question after reading the rules doc, dm me @anom4ly🤍#4000 on discord, or join our server and ask the staff.

Aug 26 - Sep 16: Registrations
Sep 16 - Sep 18: Screening Period
Sep 23 - Sep 26: Qualifiers
Sep 30 - Oct 3: Round of 16
Oct 7 - Oct 10: Quarterfinals
Oct 14 - Oct 17: Semifinals
Oct 21 - Oct 24: Finals
Oct 28 - Oct 31: Grand Finals
*If there are enough sign ups I will add Round of 32, bumping everything past qualifiers back a week.

1st place: Profile Banner + 4 months supporter for each player
2nd place: Profile Banner + 1 month supporter for each player
3rd place: Profile Banner

We are looking for more streamers so that we can try to stream as many matches as we can! Apply for streamer (or any other position) here.

ilia 💙💛❤️
Lets gooooo
floppa 💙💛❤️
We may have lost TBC2 but I wont let you down at reffing
Nixon Return
possibility to raise it to 250k?

Nixon Return wrote:

possibility to raise it to 250k?
Nixon farmee a 200k que igual no van a salir torneos de 200k+
i've never played a tourney before, does anyone want to make a team with me ^^;
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abiroo wrote:

i've never played a tourney before, does anyone want to make a team with me ^^;
You can register as a free agent, other teams may pick you up if they're interested or you can ask some of the other free agents and try to form a new team yourself :) good luck if you decide to sign up :D

roobichu wrote:

i've never played a tourney before, does anyone want to make a team with me ^^;
Try serching for teammates on the tourney discord
Last bump
Would be fun to play in, but I would get clapped
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