[Finished] [osu!catch] 4 Digit Player Tournament Season 5

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Hello and welcome to the 4th Season of the "4 Digit Player Tournament".
You may ask, what does 4 Digit Player Tournament mean? It means that this tournament will be for players who are currently a 4 digit player in the gamemode "Catch the Beat".
That means the ranks will be from #1000 - #9999.
You need to be a 4 digit throughout the whole tournament

Our reason to host this tournament is to give lower ranked players some tournament experience.

General Rules:

- ScoreV2 will be used as a win condition for this tournament.

- Players will be seeded based on the results of the Qualifier Lobbies.

- In this tournament, only a total of 64 players are able to participate.

- If a player changes his name after the registration, please immediately contact "GinIkari". If the player does not say something about their name change, they will be not able to play their games.

- The bracket stage will be double elimination.

- In order to join this tournament, you are not allowed to have violated the Osu! community guidelines in the last 12 Months, repetition of what is said of the start of the sentence.

Mod Rules:

- The Tiebreaker will be played with NoMod, it is also allowed to play it with Hidden.
Any other mod is strictly forbidden.

- When picking either Double Time or HardRock maps, you are allowed to pick Hidden alongside Double Time or HardRock.

- At any map, players are not allowed to use the following mods : Easy, Flashlight, Sudden Death, other difficulty reducing, or unranked mods, except No Fail.

In-game rules:

- You cannot nullify a beatmap under any circumstance.

- Only in the first 10 seconds of a map, can the map be retried if anything hindering happens such as a disconnect. This is only allowed once per match per player.

- Player are allowed to join 15 minutes later as Scheduled. We might come to be ahead or behind schedule sometimes, so its recommended to plan well before each match.

- If they have not joined the lobby within 15 minutes it will be counted as a Win by Default for the opponent.

- If a player quits the lobby mid match, he has 5 minutes to come back, otherwise it will be submitted as a Win by Default.

- As for rolls, the player who rolled higher will ban second and pick first or ban first and pick second. The decision will be made by the player who rolled higher.
Always remember that this is just a game (I.e behave yourself)

Tournament Sign-in: 2022-08-13 // 13th August 2022
Tournament Screening + Sign-in closed: 2022-09-05 - 2022-09-10 // 5th September 2022 - 10th September 2022
Tournament Start: 2022-09-17 or 2022-09-24 // 17 September 2022 or 24th September 2022 (depending on screening)

Registration Form:

1st Place = 12 Months of Osu!Supporter + 1 Badge
2nd Place = 8 Months of Osu!Supporter
3rd Placer = 4 Months of Osu!Supporter

If you would like to help as a staff please fill out this form:

and join the discord:

Any concern you may have towards this tournament should get reported using this link
HYPE (kinda)
Lets goooooo
D o k a
hehehe he
school comes second, I'm such a good student
Kureiji Ollie
3 digits when they see a ranked 4 digit tournament
^ me....
Rats! Was super happy to hear this was a thing again, but I am not available on 24/09 - GLHF everyone!
Fk the school i guess
Miyu Sakurada
My keyboard broken 😥

I can't join
I like toes
i blew up my microwave
Someday there will be more participants in this tournament than 3 digits players

GinIkari wrote:

You need to be a 4 digit throughout the whole tournament
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