Mechanical Keyboard Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit vs Corsair K90

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As above, I am buying a keyboard and I've selected those 2 to the grand finals, price doesn't matter since I found them in really similar availability (10 euro difference), but I'm not sure which to choose

I'm switching from some crappy basic Logitech keyboard so I dunno which switches would fit me the best, I'm kinda afraid that Reds would be too light for me (fat fingers and fat hands)

Pros for TT esports Meka g-unit (MX Black)
- long shift
- less bindable keys (18 is too much)
- all mechanical keys
- drivers with many options

- less visually attractive than K90

Pros for K90
- good-looking
- more comfortable lath (for hands)

- short shift
- some non-mechanical keys
- unsure about red switches
- too many programmable keys

I'll be mostly using it to play DotA2, not that much osu. Thanks in advance

I also noticed that the model of K90 I found (the only available in my place) is K90 Performance MMO (CH-9000003-EU), is it the version with long shift?
If you think reds would be too light get blacks instead. And visual appeal doesn't mean anything, so I'd say go for the first one.
Go for the quality. And price. Since you might have to buy new one in year or two if you're gonna practice very hard (osu! of course).

And if you have the money, go for MX Blacks, MX Reds are not so good for unexperienced players (and for you in particular since fat fingers), since you must focus also on lifting the finger back. In heavier switches the response force (?) is enough to lift your finger automatically. Not to mention that you will gain some stamina and after some good practice you can buy MX Red keyboard.
i say go for the meka g-unit
you dont want to accidentally press R before a crucial teamfight aaaand long shifts are actually better if you're using shift-queues often.
Have you tried them out first hand? Around my area the tech shops have keyboards on display for customers to test. I also wouldn't rule out blue and brown switches without trying them first.
Now I want to buy a meka G unit.

Thanks op.
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jesus1412 wrote:

Now I want to buy a meka G unit.

Thanks op.
youre welcome
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