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Hi! After having worked on this in and out for the past like 7 months, I'm proud to finally release my very first skin!
It's based on the Red and Blue GMK Samurai sets

Taiko and Catch are skinned as well if you care about that

Feel free to contact me on discord ( EverestTiger#0149 ) or post a comment to point out any mistakes/inconsistencies/alignment issues you find, or just post general feedback

I hope i did a good enough job on this, and that you will enjoy it!

If the images don't load, here are the download and album links:
Red : Google Drive | Media Fire | Imgur Album
Blue : Google Drive | Media Fire | Imgur Album
Reddit Post

Levesile - Testing, Feedback, Main menu clip
Boid - Testing, Feedback, Advice
Cafenoo - Testing, Feedback
Eclipse - Testing, Feedback
WD_ALT - Main menu screenshots
Alice - Video help and feedback
RockRoller - Forum Help

❖ Sounds:
UI and Gameplay sounds by Cyperdark
Taiko Gameplay sounds by XetThe
Typing Sounds from DBOKEY
Applause and Pause music by R3 Music Box

❖ Fonts:
- Secret Power (menu-back text, grade letters X, S, C, and D)
- Made Tommy (default digits)
- Alien remix (main font, used for everything else)

Vanquish65 keyboard 3d model provided by Geonworks

How are the hitcircle and approach circle colors different?
↳ That's because the combo color is actually white, and it's the actual elements that are colored

How did you make that selection wheel?
↳ It's just about making the hitboxes of the elements bigger and aligning stuff properly. Here's a screenshot with the hitboxes represented

I can't see the accuracy in taiko, what do i do??
↳ There's a different scorebar-bg file without the accuracy decoration shapes in the skin's extra folder

I don't like the hitcircle!!! What do i do??
↳ There's an extra hitcircle in the extra folder, or you can replace it with with one you like. Though be carefull because the combo color is actually white, so the hitcircle needs to be colored already

Why is there a yellow circle in the taiko hitzone?
↳ Because for some reason that element uses the approach circle file

Why is ctb gameplay bad??
↳ Don't care didn't ask + L + ratio

Soooo this took way more time than i'd like to admit, i just couldn't wait to finally release something

I might have put too much effort into my first skinning attempt lol
Blood, sweat, and tears were shed in the making of this skin
I think it turned out all right, tho it's still far from what some other people are capable of

It took me fair amount of trial and error to finally get the theme right
Every single element went through multiple itterations before becoming their final form
If anybody is interested, here's an album with some failed attempts at making some of the elements

It was quite challenging to work with such a limited color palette, but it allowed me to achive the design i was looking for
I wanted to stick to the sharp/flat design as much as possible, however in the end i ended up using shading/gradients/glows/round shapes for some of the elements

Making this skin was like building a lego set, fitting shapes together, except that the pieces don't exist and you don't know what the final product looks like

Yes i'll be submitting the blue version to the skinning contest, later
I just need to modify some minor elements to fully fit the theme

And no the blue version isn't a recolor just for the contest, it was planned all along
It's just that like 95% of my elements happened to fit the palette already

Cyberdark gave me permission to steal use the hitsounds/ui sounds from his Whitecat 1.0 skin, thank you very cool.

The applause and pause loop music are from R3 music box, up to you to guess which touhou character's theme those are.

The keyboard you see in the bottom right of the song selection is the Vanquish65 provided by Geonworks
[Custom Keyboard render] done by me in blender, using the 3D file they provided on their geekhack post

Fonts used for the skin:
- Secret Power (menu-back text, grade letters X, S, C, and D)
- Made Tommy (default digits)
- Alien remix (main font, used for everything else)

The typing sounds were taken from this video (amazing keyboard channel btw, you really should check him out)

/!\ Keyboard nerd stuff alert /!\

Here's a picture of my keyboard if anybody cares

It's a Keychron K6 (Keychron makes amazing budget mechanical keyboard btw, would recommend) with lubed Gateron red switches, and obviously the GMK Red samurai keycaps
I did the PE foam mod and also foamed the bottom of the case. Sadly I couldn't do the tape mod as well as my keyboard just wouldn't fit together

I love my samurai red keycaps, that's why I made this skin
But man, i would LOVE to get the blue samurai as well, that set looks so sexy as well, just look at it
BTW Drop has both sets IN STOCK now because of the high demand, if you want to get one for youself, there's no need to wait for a group buy

One day I will invest in a high end boards, when i have money

You probably won't see a skin from me any time soon, i don't want to waste the rest of my summer on skin making, and i'll be busy with school after that

>mf about to quit skinning after releasing his first skin

It's 5am and i'm finally done with this post
I can finally go to bed in peace
Very nice skin. Simple, but still pretty cool design, great work!
There's a slider whistle sound that isn't skinned somewhere, I noticed it in this map insane dif, at 02:05:014.
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Reletr wrote:

There's a slider whistle sound that isn't skinned somewhere, I noticed it in this map insane dif, at 02:05:014.
Should be fixed now, thank you!
new main now!
would've been nice if the red version has a red cursor instead, other than that, good skin
this one is sooo clean i love it! Good job! Bravo mec ta gerer en vrai
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maryou wrote:

this one is sooo clean i love it! Good job! Bravo mec ta gerer en vrai
Merci gars, je suis content que ça te plaise!
downloaded the two versions :b
thats not my fault, i NEEDED more of this pretty thing
oh so nice
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