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Dear Mr. BAT,

You forgot to put this into the pending forum. KD please

Best regards,

jkjk, GJ on this map!
This should be pending..

Lapis Aoki wrote:

This should be pending..
Also, Irre have to edit into Bubble #1
Got that covered.
irc modding
00:18 wcx19911123: for app?
00:18 wcx19911123: only 1 diff right?
00:19 wcx19911123: link it?
00:20 wcx19911123: I'll have a quick look and decide to accept or not
00:20 wcx19911123: I haven't much time these days :p
00:26 wcx19911123: umm
00:27 wcx19911123: it may take me much time to mod..
00:27 wcx19911123: due to the quality..
00:28 wcx19911123: no much issues
00:28 wcx19911123: but leak of creativity imo
00:29 wcx19911123: I'll have a look
00:32 wcx19911123: I see that part
00:34 wcx19911123: the song is fun
00:34 wcx19911123: but well, the map still has many details can be improved imo..
00:36 wcx19911123: well, do you stay online for long from now o.o?
00:36 wcx19911123: I might have time to mod it later
00:37 wcx19911123: if so, I'll ignore the quality
00:37 wcx19911123: enough then
00:38 wcx19911123: I'll poke you later
00:39 wcx19911123: I only mod maps which I want to bubble, don't worry..
00:39 wcx19911123: or I'll give some simple suggestions on how to improve the quality :p
00:46 wcx19911123: I'm always lazy lol
00:59 wcx19911123: I'll recheck a map
00:59 wcx19911123: and then go mod yours
01:21 wcx19911123: hello there o.o
01:23 wcx19911123: I'm not sure if you can see this message, if you can see please poke me when you get free to talk then we can have an irc mod
01:30 Sala-: Sigh.
01:30 Sala-: Sorry, I was silenced for using /np.
01:32 Sala-: If Loctav will be as kind not to silence me again, we could do the irc mod now.
01:33 wcx19911123: kk
01:36 wcx19911123: I suggest OD+1
01:37 Sala-: Uh that might become a little problematic
01:37 Sala-: I wanted to substract 1 from AR
01:37 wcx19911123: and you'd better cancel the wildscreen support and sb warning
01:37 Sala-: To make it playable with DT.
01:37 wcx19911123: ah..
01:38 wcx19911123: ar 9 is fine imo
01:38 wcx19911123: best suitable for this
01:38 Sala-: Nut with DT, tho, it would be a bit too fast I think.
01:38 Sala-: not*
01:38 Sala-: I would have tried 8,5 or something similar
01:38 wcx19911123: well, I don't think we need to care about mode when we mapping..
01:39 Sala-: Well yeah.
01:39 wcx19911123: it only players' business imo
01:39 wcx19911123: it's*
01:39 Sala-: Hm :|
01:39 Sala-: Well then I'll add 1 OD.
01:39 wcx19911123: what we need to do is to make the map fit the song :3
01:42 Sala-: Alright, let's get started then. I hope I can get it fine this time.
01:44 wcx19911123: 01:13:383 (4,6) - this can blanket better imo
01:45 Sala-: I always have problems with blankets.. :|
01:45 wcx19911123: 01:28:383 - add a circle to follow the drum? would sounds nice imo
01:45 Sala-: Might be most of the problems.
01:45 wcx19911123: use approach circle
01:45 wcx19911123: it's the easiest way to do blanket imo
01:45 Sala-: Yep, gotta remember this.
01:46 wcx19911123: it the slider is long
01:46 wcx19911123: sometime you can use the spinner circle :3
01:46 Sala-: Okay, got it. c:
01:48 wcx19911123: 02:51:240 (3,1) - also this
01:48 wcx19911123: can be better
01:48 wcx19911123: you can use the slider 3's approach circle here
01:50 Sala-: Hm..
01:51 Sala-: Yeah, guess it's better now.
01:52 wcx19911123: 03:55:049 - you need to use normal hitsound here
01:52 wcx19911123: make the hitsounds regular, would be better
01:52 Sala-: Okay.
01:52 Sala-: Added.
01:55 wcx19911123: 04:14:573 (3) - this slider's shape is a bit strange to me..
01:55 Sala-: It was suggested to be shaped like that to be fitting to (2)
01:56 Sala-: I mean, the head of (3) is parallel to (2) and the rest of the slider is a blanket.
01:57 Sala-: Would it be better just to have a blanket?
01:58 wcx19911123: do you like this
01:59 wcx19911123:
01:59 Sala-: Yup.
02:00 wcx19911123: post to the thread
02:01 wcx19911123: does it work?
02:02 wcx19911123: you may need to fix the spacing to next note if you used this slider
02:03 Sala-: It did work, yes.
02:03 Sala-: Thanks.
02:04 Sala-: Fixed.
02:05 wcx19911123: 05:41:597 (2) - this slider's rhythm is a bit odd to me
02:05 wcx19911123: I don't know what it's following
02:06 Sala-: That was a suggestion by Irreversible, don't know why I added that. :c
02:06 wcx19911123: umm..
02:06 wcx19911123: if you like add things at 05:41:716 - to follow the drum
02:06 wcx19911123: I'll support
02:06 wcx19911123: anyway it's up to you
02:07 wcx19911123: ah I have to answer a phone
02:07 wcx19911123: wait me a while please
02:07 Sala-: That's cool.
02:13 wcx19911123: k Im back
02:13 wcx19911123: let go on then
02:14 Sala-: Sure.
02:14 Sala-: One question
02:14 Sala-: I am not sure that I understood you right with the point you had
02:14 Sala-: "If you like add things"
02:14 Sala-: What to add?
02:14 wcx19911123: ah
02:15 wcx19911123: I mean you can add some object to follow the drum
02:15 wcx19911123: at 05:41:716 -
02:15 wcx19911123: if you like to do this
02:15 Sala-: Instread of (2)?
02:15 Sala-: -r
02:15 wcx19911123: yep
02:15 Sala-: Okay, one second.
02:15 wcx19911123: cuz slider 2 doesn't fit the song well imo
02:18 wcx19911123: 06:06:478 (2) - this slider
02:18 wcx19911123: I suggest to end it at 06:06:716 -
02:19 wcx19911123: ofc need to remove the note 3
02:19 wcx19911123: make it same as 05:36:478 (3) - and 05:44:097 (4) -
02:20 wcx19911123: the map's integrity would be better
02:20 Sala-: I see.
02:21 wcx19911123: for same reason
02:21 wcx19911123: 06:11:478 (6) - this one need to repeat 1 time more
02:21 wcx19911123: 05:41:001 (3) - same as this
02:22 Sala-: Aye.
02:23 wcx19911123: 06:19:097 (9) - use 1/8 here?
02:23 wcx19911123: for same reasom
02:24 Sala-: Uh yep.
02:24 wcx19911123: 06:38:263 (8,1) - are you sure you want to jump like this lol
02:25 wcx19911123: it's hard to play
02:25 Sala-: Would you have any other suggestion for that?
02:25 wcx19911123: but actually the main point is that it's too hard to read
02:26 wcx19911123: 06:38:144 (7,8) - you can make them into a slider
02:26 wcx19911123: direction forward to the next note
02:26 Sala-: I see. Let me try that.
02:27 wcx19911123: it would be much to read here's a jump
02:27 wcx19911123: much easier
02:28 Sala-: Okay, got it.
02:30 wcx19911123: 07:31:716 (3) - the slider has drum-ticks
02:30 wcx19911123: I mean the hitsounds
02:31 Sala-: Oh and the others don't.
02:31 Sala-: xD
02:31 Sala-: Well that's odd.
02:31 wcx19911123: yep..
02:32 Sala-: Fixed.
02:33 wcx19911123: 08:02:013 (9) - UNSNAPPED
02:34 wcx19911123: 08:02:033 - should be at here
02:34 Sala-: How the
02:34 Sala-: Yeah I know..
02:35 wcx19911123: 08:23:620 (1,2,3,4) - OMG
02:35 wcx19911123: they seems unsnapped too..
02:36 Sala-: How has this happened
02:36 Sala-: I should usually have found out, sorry.
02:36 wcx19911123: umm, this song's rhythm is a bit complex
02:37 Sala-: Well it fits to the SFX.
02:38 wcx19911123: oh man
02:38 wcx19911123: such a long song..
02:38 Sala-: Yep. xD
02:38 Sala-: Nobody has ranked this song in full length before.
02:38 wcx19911123: that's all imo
02:38 Sala-: Good.
02:38 Sala-: I'll upload the stuff then.
02:39 Sala-: Oh, I need to fix the Combos
02:39 wcx19911123: I was thought it has only 6 or 7 mins long lol
02:39 wcx19911123: combo colors?
02:39 wcx19911123: or newcombo
02:39 Sala-: Aye
02:39 Sala-: Nah, colours.
02:40 wcx19911123: you can fix some other things you like, just let me know what you've done then
02:40 Sala-: Would you support AR 8,5?
02:41 wcx19911123: umm
02:41 wcx19911123: I don't know how that feels
02:42 wcx19911123: I didn't use it
02:42 Sala-: Ar9+DT is AR10.33 I guess.
02:42 wcx19911123: maybe it fits some map
02:42 Sala-: So it's quite high
02:43 wcx19911123: when a map using ar9, I think it already unable for playing with DT then..
02:43 wcx19911123: ar9 maps are already hard enough even with no mode
02:43 Sala-: That's the thing
02:43 Sala-: With AR8.5, you feel like being able to do It
02:43 Sala-: I tried it, it would work.
02:43 wcx19911123: anyway, I can't play ar10..
02:44 wcx19911123: you can find some pro players for their opinions about this
02:44 Sala-: 8.5 + DT would be a little bit less than 10 I think
02:44 Sala-: I did, they all were of the same opinion.
02:44 wcx19911123: I only know 8 with DT is less than 10
02:45 wcx19911123: didn't try 8.5 before :p
02:45 wcx19911123: alright then
02:45 wcx19911123: finished updating yet?
02:46 Sala-: Nope.
02:46 Sala-: I'll tell you.
02:48 wcx19911123: k
02:48 wcx19911123: I'm a bit sleepy now, hope I didn't miss somethings
02:49 Sala-: Nah you didn't. I should be done in around 5 minutes.
02:50 Sala-: Ah I think I will not have any order for combo colours.
02:50 Sala-: I had one before but it got messed up.
02:50 wcx19911123: combo colors, not a big deal imo
02:51 Sala-: It was only fitting to ste storyboard I had before, so I could actually ignore them anyway.
02:51 wcx19911123: I see the sb warning is enable
02:52 wcx19911123: but didn't find any sb code lol
02:52 Sala-: Yeah, I am updating
02:52 Sala-: It won't be shown afterwards
02:52 wcx19911123: the map has sb before?
02:52 Sala-: The map had a Storyboard before
02:52 Sala-: But it wasn't really professional
02:52 wcx19911123: ah
02:52 wcx19911123: I don't know how to make nice sb either
02:53 Sala-: I wish I was better at GFX-editing. :|
02:53 Sala-: I updated.
02:53 wcx19911123: ok then
02:53 *wcx19911123 is listening to [ Pendulum - The Island]
02:54 Sala-: This would be my second bubble then, right?
02:54 wcx19911123: yep
02:54 Sala-: Nice, thank you. c:
02:54 wcx19911123: app need 2 bubbles together
02:54 Sala-: I know, the first one was by Irreversible.
02:54 Sala-: The second is yours.
02:55 Sala-: Uh you would have to move the map to Pending Beatmaps again. :c..
03:09 wcx19911123: ok, seems fine now
03:09 Sala-: Good. c:
we fixed many tiny things
bubbled #2
OMG, gogo Sala-chan o/
Topic Starter
Good Beatmap,this beatmap must rank soon,keep up the good work! :D
It's happening :) !
I thk 05:09:573 (2,3) - overlap should be fixed before ranking (just for stack leniency
05:41:954 (4,1) - ^ (and spacing here 1.69 and 2.17, it was played little inconsistent. imo
06:25:287 (6,1) - ^
07:00:763 (3) - this's a pity, a hitpoint in slider end maybe very nice, imo
really nice map, love it> <
Good luck with your 1st approval ~

eidt: Do not update before next bat approve :)
everything seems fine on my end
consider the mod above in the previous post then let me know
Gratz in advance :D
Topic Starter
Considered everything, plus I changed the AR to 8.5 so that the map becomes playable with DT.
yep AR8.5 is a good middle ground between no mod and DT. Everything looks good now so enjoy your first rank (approval)!

Soviel zum Thema du kannst keine BATs finden :roll:
Finally !
GRATZ SALA , you finally did it :D
What's up with the color haxing? ._.
01:42:668 - lost normal clap?

great day

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