[STD] 6 Digit World Cup 2 🎲 | 100k-999k [REGS CLOSED]

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  1. Rank range: 100k-999k
  2. Matches will be played 4v4, team size 4-8
  3. ScoreV2 and NF will be enforced in every map
  4. All schedules will be in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time)
  5. The tournament will go from a Qualifiers stage >> Group stage >> Round of 16 double elimination bracket. More information can be found below or in the more detailed Rules document
  6. Mappools and match schedules will be released weekly

  1. Signups are individual
  2. Registered players play their respective country’s tryouts (providing the country has 9 or more players) and the captain will decide who will be on the roster
  3. Staff are not allowed to participate, except for Commentators, Streamers and GFX
  4. Being in the Discord is mandatory
  5. Every player must play their country’s tryouts, including the captain. This is not the case if a country has 8 or fewer players
  6. If you want to change your registration information or unregister from the tournament, please use the #registration-changes channel on the Discord server

  • The following puts you at risk of being screened out:
  1. Out of rank range at the time of registrations closing
  2. If you have been above 6 digit at any point during the registration period
  3. Abuse of rank range
  4. Suspicions of foul play
  5. Have been restricted in the past 6 months before registration closes
  6. If you were on the previous 6WC teams that finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ( Indonesia, Canada, and the Russian Federation)

  1. The official tryout period will be a 2 week period starting on the 8th of August and ending at 23:59 UTC, 21st August
  2. It is the captain’s responsibility to hold tryouts if their country has 9 or more people. (For countries with 8 or under, tryouts are not necessary as the roster is already set)
  3. The captain will decide how tryouts are hosted, where they are hosted, and how long they will go on for
  4. If you believe your country’s tryout is having issues, or is not fair, contact the admin team
  5. It is expected of the captain to update the admins on how their tryouts are going upon admin request. A captain may also request for an admin’s presence in the tryout server to oversee the tryout process
  6. Captains are recommended to make their own tryout servers where their country’s tryouts will take place. If a country is unable to do this, they are welcome to use the official 6WC2 Tryout Server


  1. Each team will sign up to a lobby of their choice
  2. Custom lobbies can be requested by sending a request to an admin at least 12 hours before the requested time
  3. Split lobbies are not allowed (having parts of your team play in one lobby and parts in another)
  4. Reminders are sent 15 minutes before lobby, invites sent 5 minutes before lobby
  5. Only players on the teams and the referee are allowed in the lobby
  6. Maps are played in order (NM1 -> DT2)
  7. A timer of 120 seconds will be enforced between each map
  8. Teams are free to sub players in and out between maps without restriction (However, supposing the map you were playing has been aborted by the referee, you are not allowed to sub players in and out for that map unless the player is unable to return to the lobby)
  9. If a player disconnects in the first 25% or first 30 seconds of the map, whichever comes first, a referee is allowed to abort the map. A team may ask for this twice
  10. Qualifier results will be calculated using the sum of percentiles of a normal curve, also known as Z-Sum. For a detailed explanation, see here
  11. The top 40 teams from qualifiers will advance to the Group Stage
Group Stage

  1. Every team will be sorted into 5 categories of teams. These are Top Seeds (1-8), High Seeds (9-16), Middle Seeds (17-24), Low Seeds (25-32), and Bottom Seeds (33-40)
  2. During the Group Stage Reveal, each team will be sorted into 1 of 8 groups using a randomizer. Those Groups are Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H
  3. Each team will play 4 matches, 1 match against every team in their group
  4. There are 6 stats in the Group: Matches Played (Pld), Matches Won (MW), Matches Lost (ML), Maps Won (GW), Maps Lost (GL), Win to Loss Delta (W:L). More specific definitions for these stats can be found in the Rules document. If you have a higher MW stat, you will place higher in the group
  5. In the case of a draw of MW between two teams, the W:L will be used to decide which teams finishes higher (For example, Canada and Indonesia both have won 2 matches, but Canada has a W:L of 4 while Indonesia has a W:L of 3, therefore Canada finishes higher)
  6. In the rare case that the W:L is unable to decide who progresses, admins will look at the match that the two teams played against each other in the group. Whichever team won that match will progress to the Knockouts.
  7. The two highest finishing teams in each group will move onto the bracket stage
Brackets will be allocated in the following way (top to bottom):

Match Procedures

  1. Warmups are played first, followed by rolls, bans, and then picks
  2. Each team must have at least 4 players ready to go in the lobby for the match to occur. If this condition is not met, admins will decide the match’s outcome
  3. Teams are free to pick a warmup map of their choice. The warmup map must not exceed 4 minutes in length, must not contain any NSFW elements, and must not be maps from the current mappool. Players must DM their warmup map to the Referee at least 30 minutes before the match begins. A warm up sent in later than the deadline will not be played. A team may skip their warmup if they wish. Warmup order is decided by the referee
  4. Smoking (drawing, not the other thing) is allowed in this tournament. It MUST be SFW, however. DO NOT draw NSFW things with smoke. Use common sense!
  5. Rolls are to be made by the Captain of each team. If they are not available, a designated player from their team will make the roll in their place. Rolls not made by the captain or the designated player are not to be considered
  6. The winner of the roll will be allowed to choose either the ban or pick order. The loser of the roll will pick the remaining order
  7. Teams will be allowed 120 seconds per ban. If a ban is not made in these 120 seconds, the ban is considered ‘Lost’ and no map will be banned
  8. If there are two bans per team, the ban order is ABBA
  9. Double banning (banning the same mod twice) is not allowed unless it is NM
  10. Each team gets 120 seconds for their picks, with an additional 120 seconds given to ready up
  11. If a team fails to pick a map within 120 seconds, their pick will be given to the opposing team. This will NOT change the sequence of picks, however (A-B-B-B-A)
  12. Picks are alternated (ABAB…)
  13. Double picking (picking the same mod category twice in a row) is not allowed to be done by the same team unless it is NM
  14. If a tie occurs, the map will be replayed
  15. If a player disconnects within the first 25% or the first 30 seconds of the map, whichever comes first, and the team loses due to this or the map is aborted, the map can be replayed. This is allowed two times a game per side. If a disconnection occurs after this threshold, their score will not be counted and an abort is not allowed to be given. Unless the player can prove that they finished the map, their score will be counted as 0
  16. Methods to prove that a player finished the map include player-perspective live streams that contains the score, screenshot of the score taken using the osu! Built-in screenshot function, and screenshot of that score from the player’s local leaderboard with correct time stamps
  17. On a FM map, each person must take NF, at least one person must take HD, and at least another person must take HR. Added mods are allowed for these two players as long as one has a HD and the other a HR. Other players can take any valid mod combination
  18. Valid mods are HD, HR, FL, EZ (EZ has a 1.8X multiplier. If a person takes HDHR, this counts as HR)
  19. Some examples of valid mod combinations:
    1. HD - HR - NM - NM
    2. HD - HDHR - HD - NM
    3. HDEZ - HR - FL - HD
    4. HD - HR - HR - NM
    5. HD - HDHR - NM - EZ
  20. Each team is entitled to call a 2 minute timeout once per game, a timeout will essentially freeze the game in place and is a way to allow teams to coordinate or recover. Once the 2 minutes are up, the game will resume
  21. If a tiebreaker situation occurs (both teams 1 point away from winning), a 3 minute timer will be given for teams to ready up
  22. Any of the valid mods are allowed on the TB. The TB is not subjected to FM mod regulations

  1. Registrations open: 16th July 2022
  2. Registrations close: 6th August 2022
  3. Captains decided: 8th August 2022
  4. Tryouts: 8th - 21st August 2022
  5. Rosters decided: 22nd August 2022
  6. Team Reveal & Qualifier Mappool Showcase: 22nd August 2022
  7. Qualifiers: 26th - 28th August 2022
  8. Group Stage reveal: 29th August 2022
  9. Group Stage: 2nd - 11th September 2022
  10. Round of 16: 16th - 18th September 2022
  11. Quarterfinals: 23rd - 25th September 2022
  12. Semifinals: 30th - 2nd October 2022
  13. Finals: 7th - 9th October 2022
  14. Grand Finals: 14th - 16th October 2022

1st Place: Profile Banner, 50% of prize pool
2nd Place: Profile Banner, 30% of prize pool
3rd Place: Profile Banner, 20% of prize pool

You can contribute to the prize pool by donating through the Ko-fi, any and all donations are welcome and appreciated!

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it hasn't even been 6 months yet
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