[REGS OPEN] [Taiko 1v1] Expert Global Taiko Showdown 2022

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Welcome to the 20th tournament of the Global Taiko Showdown tournament series : the Expert Global Taiko Showdown 2022, hosted by the GTS Team.

GTS' highest level and best tournament comes back for yet another year. Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Expert Global Taiko Showdown. The recipe is simple. We'll do everything we've done last year, and do it all over again.

Head down to our website, and register to this tournament! All the information regarding the procedures and schedule can be found there.

1st place: osu! profile badge.

2nd place: osu! profile badge.

3rd place: osu! profile badge.

And as another note, due to some of the last year's past events with cashprizes, we've decided from this year's EGTS to now fully accept donations to try and cover all cashprizes that are currently unpaid for in GTS tournaments, before trying to go forward and offer any prizes in the future.

The current deficit in cashprizes is $1,848. We'll try to shoot for $2,000, to take in account PayPal fees, and hopefully we can pay everyone back quickly with this. Everything after these $2k will go towards this year's prizepool. Hence, if you would like to donate to this, please do so right here: GTS' PayPal Account

Current state of the prizepool: $250 / $2,000

You can report any issue you have with this tournament by submitting it on this link.
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