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Currently in 1000+ servers, this open-source Discord bot contains many features that will make your life easier as an osu! Discord server owner, moderator or member, for example:

  1. Message purging
  2. Sending messages as the bot user
  3. A configurable quote responses system
  4. Command cooldowns
  5. A bunch of of fun and trivial commands
  6. and more!
The bot also interacts with osu!'s API v2 and the BN/NAT Management website's interOp routes to provide you with multiple stats and management systems such as:

  1. and more things in the future!

- invite the bot.
- type /help to see a list of all available commands; Use /help <command> to see how a specific command works.
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you can now use the bot to enable a feed that notifies you whenever a BN opens and closes on the BN website!
if you're a mapper who's actively seeking BNs, this is for you.

Video demo of the BN tracker:
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