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Inspired by the franchise The Chase, a quiz show hosted in many countries where a chaser plays against a team of players, I wanted to make an osu! applicable edition. In the game show, quizmasters chase down hopeful players by answering more trivia questions than them to catch them and take their money away. In this competition, players will be chased through four (4) weeks of intense competition by a chaser that is higher ranked than them. This competition aims to provide an experience as similar to the "Final Chase" portion of the quiz show as possible, except under osu! conditions. The only question now is do you have what it takes to beat the chase?

Main Sheet | Discord | Rules | Player Regs | Staff Regs

  1. This is an osu!standard tournament.
  2. The matches are ran in Scorev2, Head to Head.
  3. The rank range of the competition is 60,000 to infinity for players and 10,000 to 40,000 for chasers. CHASER REGS CLOSED
  4. The BWS (Badge Weighted System] formula will be rank^(0.9937^((badges)^2)). This means if the number you receive after running it through this formula is out of the rank range, then you won't be able to participate.
  5. Players must be within the rank range by the time registration ends. After registration ends, players are allowed to leave the rank range.
  6. There are only two teams in this game – the player team and the chaser team. Players should not compete against each other.
  7. Joining the discord server is mandatory for this event. Please change your discord username to your osu! username upon joining the server.
  8. There is no bracket in the tournament; if the player outruns the chaser they will advance to the following week where they will play again with harder conditions.

How to win

  1. In the match, the chaser will try to “chase” down the player by catching them in total score. The player will start off with a score advantage (similar to a head start in a race).
  2. The chaser is deemed to have “caught” the player when the chaser’s score is greater than or equal to the player’s score after playing any map. In this case, the player will be eliminated from the game.
  3. The player is deemed to have “outran” the chaser if the player manages to play through the required number of maps for the week without being caught by the chaser.
  4. Any player who survives one week will move on to the next week, where advantages will be reduced and there will be more and harder maps the players have to play against the chasers. This game is planned to last for four (4) weeks.
  5. If any (can be more than one) player survives through four weeks of competition, the game is deemed to be a player victory. The player team wins and the survivor(s) get a prize.
  6. If the chasers manage to chase down all players, then the game is deemed to be a chaser victory.
Match & signup procedures

  1. Each match is one (1) chaser trying to chase down several players.
  2. Chasers will get to determine the times that they are free to chase between 10-20UTC. Players will then sign up for those specific times.
  3. Players will sign up not knowing the chasers that they go up against. This is to ensure the absence of bias against easier chasers. Chasers, however, will be appropriately handicapped based on their rank and skill lev el.
  4. The player must sign up for all four (4) weeks in a timeslot. If the player is absent for any week, the player will be automatically eliminated.
  5. After ten minutes after the match is scheduled to start, if the chaser doesn’t attend the lobby that they have decided beforehand, the players present in that lobby get a bye to the next week.
  6. After ten minutes after the match is scheduled to start, if the player doesn't attend the lobby that they signed up, they forfeit the match and must sign up to one of the remaining lobbies for their attempt.
  7. There are no warmup maps in this tournament.
  8. The players will be given 2 minutes to pick maps from the pool. After 2 minutes if the player is unable to decide the map then the map will be randomly selected by !roll.
  9. The chaser will also be given 2 minutes to pick the first map and the tiebreaker from the pool. After 2 minutes if the chaser is unable to decide then the map will be randomly selected by !roll.
  10. Specifically, the order of picking maps will be like this:
Week 1: 4 player maps - chaser's pick - final chase (chaser tiebreaker pick)
Week 2: 5 player maps - chaser’s pick - final chase
Week 3: 5 player maps - chaser’s pick - final chase
Week 4: 6 player maps - chaser’s pick - final chase

  1. Players will have an opportunity to pick one map per player in the lobby.
  2. If there are more players than map picks for the week, the players will have to come to an agreement on which maps to pick to optimize the chaser’s chance of failure.
  3. If there are less players than map picks for the week, the remaining maps will be decided by !roll.
For more specific chaser and player rules, please refer to the rules document.

Week 1 (5.6* NM1) - 3NM/2HD/2HR/2DT/2FM/3TB
Week 2 (5.8* NM1) - 4NM/2HD/2HR/2DT/2FM/3TB
Week 3 (6.0* NM1) - 4NM/2HD/2HR/3DT/2FM/3TB
Week 4 (6.3* NM1) - 5NM/3HD/3HR/3DT/3FM/3TB

There will be no bans in this tournament. In FM maps, NM gives a 20% penalty (for a maximum of 800,000 non-spinner points). EZ mod gives a x2 multiplier (to bring up to 1 million) and FL gives an extra x1.25 multiplier on top of the x1.12 multiplier (for a max of 1.4 million points). HD, HR, FL, EZ are the only 4 mods allowed on FM. There are also no qualifiers in this competition. Every player that signed up gets to participate in Week 1.

Registrations - 6/30 - 7/11 11:59 UTC
Week 1 - 7/16 - 7/18 10:00-20:00 UTC
Week 2 - 7/23 - 7/25 10:00-20:00 UTC
Week 3 - 7/30 - 8/1 10:00-20:00 UTC
Week 4 - 8/5 - 8/8 10:00-20:00 UTC

The games will be hosted from 10-20UTC on the dates listed to prevent chaser picking bias since most chasers and players can play comfortably in this time slot.

Every player who survives all four weeks will win 1 month of supporter. If the chasers manage to catch every player, no player will win any prize.

Result: 31 players caught, 5 players survived.


If you are interested in mappooling, playtesting, or being a referee, please contact me (easypeasy123#3419) on discord and/or fill out the staff registration form. we're victims of a staff drought pls help
sounds interesting
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Registration period end in 24 hours!
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